Traveling to Spain

Are you planning a trip to Spain in 2021?
Need to make sure you’ve got everything covered under new Covid policies?
Don’t worry, we’re here to help!  
Travel Requirements
As you can imagine traveling to Spain right now requires some extra paperwork! All to make sure passengers travel safely and health control is taken care of. There are two main requirements you’ll need to follow when traveling to Spain:
1. Fill out the Health Control form
This is necessary to present upon arrival and it’s very simple to do. Just go to this website, fill out the form and obtain your QR code. When you arrive to Spain you’ll need to scan this code at the arrivals checkpoint and you’re good to go!
2. A negative PCR test result (taken within 72 hours of travel)
The certificate you receive from the test and take with you on your travels must be the original! (written in Spanish, English, French and/ or German). You need to show this certificate to airport authorities in paper or electronic format. And another thing, make sure the document includes: traveler’s name, passport or ID number, date of the test, identification and contact details of the test center, technique used and of course, a negative test result!
If you need any more information on travel, check out the Spanish Travel & Health page here.
International Updates

Spain allows citizens of Schengen countries to travel when following the regulations mentioned above. For those from countries outside the EU and Schengen Area completing non-essential journeys, they must still wait until April 2021 to be able to visit Spain.

In recent news, Spain announced this week it will be lifting entry restrictions for arrivals from the UK on March 30th. After a three-month travel ban to control the spread of the new strain, it is now possible for Brits to travel to Spain once more! However, restrictions on arrivals from Brazil and South Africa, put in place for similar reasons to the UK, will continue until at least April 13th.

What’s more, the Spanish government has come under fire this week for its dual approach to Easter break mobility rules. Spanish regions will remain under a perimetral (regional lockdown) where as European visitors can enter the country. This has been widely criticised but will still go ahead, however Germany is asking its citizens to stay at home over the break and act responsibly during these uncertain times.

For international travel updates and further specific country details, check out this page.


Keep Updated

This step might sound a bit intimidating with so many sources of information and constant changes to international travel but there are plenty of resources that make it simple.

Travel.State.Gov provides international travel safety and security messaging. You can even download the app and receive alerts for your specific country! By monitoring the ever-changing restrictions on borders, visas, and travel, you’ll feel more secure when traveling and make sure you’re ready for your trip.


The Covid Passport

This idea is still developing but by the summer it could be ready to go! While the Covid passport is causing some controversy, the EU is working on a Covid certificate which is similar to the Green Pass in Israel and China’s vaccination certificate.

Spain is in favor of a document that makes traveling easier for those who have been fully immunized against Covid-19. It is a way for those who have received full vaccinations to travel more easily and to reactivate the economy in Europe. More details to come!


Travel Advice

For more travel advice and tips, here’s a great resource for you to read and take notes.

If you have any further questions about travel to Spain, and especially to Valencia, don’t hesitate to contact us!



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