Spanish Easter Celebrations

In Spain, Easter or Holy week is known as ‘Semana Santa’. It is one of the most important annual celebrations in Spain. Although the celebrations won’t be happening as normal this year, we wanted to give you an idea of how this holiday is usually celebrated in Spain…


Easter Traditions

Each region in Spain has its own traditions, but if there’s one region that stands out among them all, it is Andalucía. It is literally the most important Catholic holiday in the region and it’s celebrated with a week full of festivities, passion and color. The biggest and most spectacular events take place in Sevilla and Málaga. Just like everywhere in Spain, the festival begins on Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday), with multiple parades and musical events lasting throughout the week, which come to a close on Lunes de Pascua (Easter Monday).

Another tradition is to buy and eat a «Mona De Pascua». This is a kind of sweet bread that is shaped like a ring, with a boiled egg in the middle, which is usually painted in bright colors. The typical thing to do at Easter time is to go out into nature and spend time with family and friends, enjoying a picnic and of course, the Mona de Pascua.




Despite Sevilla being the epicenter of the Semana Santa celebration, Valencia also has a lot to offer during this period. Their typical celebration which attracts the crowds is called the Maritime Holy Week (Semana Santa Marinera). You will find the most welcoming and special celebrations in districts such as Grau, Cabanyal or Canyamelar; these villages become true carnival heaven during this festival. Valencia is set apart from other cities in many ways – as you can already enjoy the sea and Valencia’s many amazing beaches and warm weather in April!

Other than that, you might bump into people carrying a statue of Christ to the sea if you decide to go to the beach on Good Friday, something truly unique here in Valencia. Not only that, you will find people dressed up in different costumes just like everywhere else! From the hooded penitents to Roman crusaders, French soldiers and more!

At midnight on Saturday, the celebration for Christ’s resurrection begins with a fireworks show to mark the beginning of the party, as well as some locals who might celebrate in their own way with their own firecrackers.


Although we will miss the Easter celebrations this year, we wish everybody a safe and happy Easter!

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