Work Abroad and Learn A Foreign Language

The increase in digital nomads across the world means more integration and cross cultural living! Remote workers want to make the most of their time abroad and unlock personal and professional opportunities for themselves. Some remote workers are walking the extra mile by choosing a travel destination where they can learn the language of their choice! Here are our top five reasons why it is absolutely worth learning a foreign language on your travels…


More speakers, more connections

English is known as the universal language and most digital nomads usually have a strong grasp of English. So, logic would say to learn another language which also has a high amount of speakers internationally, both for professional and personal benefit! In the western world, Spanish is the second most spoken language, with 572 million speakers. And so what could be better to broaden your connections than to live in Spain and learn this beautiful langauge amongst the locals! 


Cultural understanding

There’s no better way to understand the culture of a country and to connect with its people than by learning their language. Spain is a great place to do this as you have the added advantage of sociable and friendly people all around. Spanish culture is heavily based on friendships, events, social gatherings and «fiestas». To find out more about the culture here, learning Spanish is vital.


Beating loneliness

The digital nomad lifestyle can be very lonely! You are far from family and friends, in a completely new environment and on your own routine. This may be what some people are looking for, but for others, getting involved in a community is important. Making yourself bilingual can be a game changer in this respect. You will be able to meet so many more people and open your world to a new culture and perspective. Language exchanges, sports teams, friend groups or coworking spaces could be good ways to find your community!



Many digital nomads choose to work from a coworking space or cafes in their chosen country to gather around other like-minded remote workers. This is a great way to network and quite often, you can find out about business events and local meet ups via these places.  To further your networking prospects, getting to grips with the local language can set you apart. Take a look for coworking centers that offer language lessons and make the most of your work space abroad.


Save time and money

When you speak the language, you look less like a tourist and attract less attention! But also, it will help you out in the long run. You will be able to get around easier as you manage to read street signs, advertisements, menus etc. by yourself. You will save time when you don’t need to translate everything with Google translate! Also, it will be easier to deal with landlords and local authorities, as well as saving money on expensive services for ex-pats. Take the time to learn the language at the beginning of your stay, and reap the rewards of this effort during your time abroad. 


If you are a digital nomad looking for an opportunity to live and work in Spain, and study Spanish too, check out our Coworking space

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