Why Valencia is the Best Destination for Co-Working


Why come to Valencia to work? The question is why NOT come to Valencia?!


If you’re a digital nomad, freelancer, entrepreneur, or just someone with the flexibility to work wherever you want (and in need of a new work space), then Valencia is the place for you!


The City of Valencia

The third largest city in Spain and located just on the Mediterranean Sea, Valencia is the perfect combination of old and new, from the hectic high streets to the relaxing beach, the ‘Barrio del Carmen’ (Old Town) in the city center to the modern City of Arts and Sciences or the brand new Marina area.

The weather in Valencia is about as good as it gets. With a temperate Mediterranean climate, Valencia has mild winters and warm summers, with little rain throughout the year. They say it is sunny about 330 days of the year – perfect for all those days at the beach!

Valencia is a great balance of everything you can find in a larger city with having the relaxed feel of a smaller, beachside town. Because The entire city is easily accessible within 30 minutes or less (walking or biking). It is completely flat, making it easy to walk or bike just about anywhere; and no matter where you decide to live, access to the beach is easy with public transport.

The entire city is surrounded by a beautiful and tranquil park so you’ll never feel like you need to escape the chaotic city. Previously a river (moved outside of the city due to flooding in the 1950’s), Turia Park runs through the whole city with easy access from just about everywhere, and all the way to the beach. Here you’ll find the famous City of Arts and Sciences, along with people jogging, or biking, doing group fitness activities, or just taking a stroll or picnicking.

The cost of living is considerably cheap compared to other big cities in Spain or Europe, especially given the quality of life and weather. Another plus is that there are great flight connections available to major European cities such as London, Rome, Paris or Amsterdam in case you want to travel around Europe.


The Co-Working Space

Challenge yourself, grow professionally, enjoy a community of like-minded people, and connect with friendly locals and international visitors at the International Coworking space in Valencia!

Located right in the city center, the office of International Coworking Valencia is a friendly work atmosphere full of entrepreneurs from around the world. With plenty of windows, there is natural light throughout the entire space (guaranteed by the always sunny weather!) There is individual co-working space on the ground floor and more space for groups on the second floor, along with an outdoor terrace!

Apart from the co-working space, there are also 2 classrooms of Spanish classes where there are various classes each day, available for you if you choose to practice your Spanish during your stay! There are also yoga classes on the terrace throughout the week you can join!

Check the International Coworking Benefits.


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