Valencia is set on the Mediterranean coast, home to some exquisite beaches. The city has two main beaches, known as Malvarrosa and Patacona. Both are easily accessible as they are very close to urban areas. You can easily reach them by a short bus, tram or bike ride. If beaches are a big plus for you, then Valencia may be your perfect summer destination!

Local Delicacies

If you’re into the Mediterranean cuisine, then you’ll not be disappointed. Valencia is home to the most famous Spanish dish, La Paella and it is right here where you can find the most authentic version of this dish in Spain. The surrounding farmland is where the rice is produced and this makes it a local specialty!

As well as Paella, there are many other spectacular rice dishes to try. Another local delicacy is Horchata. Also made here in Valencia, it is a unique drink that is very refreshing during the warmer weather.

Amazing Architecture

Valencia has done a perfect job of mixing modern futuristic architecture with its historical buildings. Its most famous architectural tourist attraction is the beautiful City of Arts and Sciences, designed by Santiago Calatrava. This building hosts a science museum and an art gallery, as well as an underground iMAX cinema! It is a fantastic cultural center full of scientific, cultural and educational activities for all the family. Right next to this you can find Valencia’s Aquarium, known as L’Oceanogràfic. It is the biggest aquarium in Europe and among the Top 10 in the world, while also known for its unique architecture as well!

Valencia also has some breathtaking buildings in the Old Town, with the Catedral de Santa María and La Lonja de la seda as two of the main ones. The Old Town of Valencia is a delight to explore and discover various architectural styles.

Spanish locals and Internationals

Last but not least, the local people here are extremely friendly and full of life. It is easy to communicate with people and practice your Spanish skills. They have a welcoming nature to tourists and international citizens.

Also, quite a lot of people speak English in the city too, and there is a large ex pat community here. When joining a coworking space, like International Coworking Valencia, you can meet digital nomads and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Joining a coworking community is an easy way to meet people and langauge exchanges are also a free and easy way to get involved with the international community in Valencia.