Why Spain for Remote Workers?

If you are a remote worker, digital nomad or traveling professional, then quite often you have the freedom to choose where you reside and work from. Choosing the right place can be challenging because there are many things to consider. What’s certain is that the place you choose needs to keep you motivated and inspired, foster productivity and help you enjoy a successful personal and professional lifestyle! While there are many destinations to choose from, we have narrowed down some of the main reasons why remote workers choose Spain.


Sunny skies

Now we’re officially in the height of summer, Spain is a fantastic destination. Beaches in Spain are known worldwide and there’s really no better way to spend the hot summer days than at the beach. From Catalonia to Andalucía, and of course Valencia in between, this Mediterranean country has some breathtaking coastlines to enjoy. Long days in Spain can make for productive work hours too, which you can easily fit in around the outdoor fun!

But it’s not just summer when the sun is shining. Here in Valencia, the weather is almost always sunny and there is very little rain or cold bouts throughout the year. In fact, the yearly average of 18 degrees celsius makes this city a very comfortable and outdoorsy remote work location. So, if you love being outside and enjoy nature, Spain is the perfect place to be.


Expand your network

Spain is a hotspot for expats and has a large international community, especially in and around the big cities. You’ll find many people like yourself looking for a better quality of life, more freedom when it comes to their professions, and the chance to network.

Valencia is a city that is home to a huge start up scene and many entrepreneurs and digital nomads venture here to live and work. It hosts plenty of events related to business, online marketing, investment and more – especially in the Port area which is essential for Valencia’s commerce. The Valencia Port is also home to a new start up hub which also hosts lots of events for remote workers to get involved in. Living abroad can sometimes feel isolating but Spain does offer an alternative to this!


Learn Spanish

Spanish is a great tool to have if you are running your own business or delving into international trade. It is the official language of 20 countries and spoken by over 570 million people. That’s a lot of people and markets to reach if you have this language at use!

Spain is an ideal location to reside when learning Spanish. There are many language schools providing classes at affordable rates and the country itself can be your teacher. People are friendly, the lifestyle is sociable and the citizens are used to ex pats and tourists. So, where better than Spain to learn this beautiful language and to experience the Spanish culture at first hand? The cuisine, the history, the architecture … and so much more!


A range of get aways

Spain is the perfect country to live in not only because of its beaches during summer, but also because of its great diversity. You can travel around the country and experience so many different landscapes. From the breathtaking nature in Galicia to the land of Flamenco in Andalucía. Not to mention that Valencia is the home of Paella! There is so much to see and visit, and it can prove to be a great location from which to navigate other countries too. International airports have great and cheap connections, to other countries in Europe, making it an open destination for you to explore from!


Family friendly

When it comes to the Spanish way of life, family is important! Having a proper work-life balance is important to Spanish people, they prioritize time with family and friends, and time out to enjoy life and relax during their free time! It is refreshing when you consider the rush of big city living.

What’s more, it’s affordable! Valencia as a city is far more affordable than other major European cities like Paris, Rome or even Barcelona. You get the big city feel, just with better prices!  Rental prices are reasonable, and food is much cheaper here too. It’s useful, especially if you are on a tight budget or you have a family to provide for.

One bit of advice would be to choose an apartment and/or work space with AC! There are many old buildings in Spain, and although charming, some are not kitted out with the necessity of air conditioning. In the summer months this is essential! So, make sure you choose your work and living space accordingly, and enjoy all that Spain has to offer!


More info on working and living abroad right here, ICV Blog.


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