Why Internationals Love Valencia?

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and can be found on the Mediterranean coast, between Barcelona and Alicante. It has seen new waves of tourists over the last decade and this really gives the city an international vibe and can be counted on as a tourist-friendly destination.

But just why do internationals love Valencia so much?


Location and Climate

These two could be a big thing to do with it! It has to be said that Valencia’s prime location on the Mediterranean coast is one of the biggest factors for it being a hit with so many internationals. It has a whole coastline of stunning beaches which are very accessible by bike, metro, bus, car or even on foot from the city. Valencia city is so close to the coast that you can literally walk or take a short bus ride to the two main town beaches: La Malvarrosa and La Patacona. Yet, if you’re looking for beaches that are less crowded and more rural, El Saler (to the south side of the city) is a fantastic alternative.

Valencia has an international airport that connects with most of the main cities across Europe. Again, making it an easy destination to travel to, and to explore from! Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, there are many cruises and road trips that can be taken from this city too.

Not to mention the climate, year round in Valencia, is sublime. Sunny days are very common, little rain fall and a yearly average of 18 degrees celsius makes it a very comfortable place to live indeed. It also grants citizens the chance to enjoy an outdoor and active lifestyle, which is a big pull for Northern Europeans!


Big Events

Valencia is home to many international events which also attract internationals to the city. The America’s Cup was held here back in 2007 taking Valencia’s international status to a new height, and giving its Port the recognition it deserves.  The F1 Grand Prix was held here in 2012 attracting even more tourists to the city and showcasing a different sport.

Many big races are held here each year, with the half and full running marathons being very popular races for the world’s elite runners. Not to forget Valencia is home to one of Spain’s most successful football teams, Valencia C.F. This club are reigning champions of the famous Copa Del Rey (National Spanish cup) beating Barcelona last season to become champions!


Music Events

Valencia usually attracts big artists to its many festivals throughout the year, and especially during summer!

Internationally renowned artists like Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Nicky Jam and Marc Anthony were set to play in Valencia this year, showing the popular destination this is for music. 

International festivals are very common in the summer here and draw big international crowds. Events such as FIB and Rototom are some of the major festivals that bring the summer alive in this region.


Spanish charm

It has to be said that Valencia, while being a big city in Spain, still radiates its Spanish charm and culture. The stunning Old Town and surrounding bohemian districts are fantastic to visit, giving internationals an insight into history, architecture, Spanish culture and crafts.

Valencia may not be as cosmopolitan as Barcelona, but the local atmosphere means plenty of chances to immerse yourself in the culture and practice your Spanish. It’s true that while Valencia does have a big international community, it also feels local and you definitely experience this when speaking and engaging with the natives here.



A great asset to this city is its affordability. Much cheaper in relation to Barcelona and Madrid regarding rent and accommodation. The food and daily costs are not se expensive here either, which allows for a more free way of life. Lastly, it has to be said that this city is very easy to move around in. There are bike lanes everywhere! This means that if you just rent out a public bike, or buy one of your own, you don’t have to worry about transport costs at all.



Thanks to its diversity, Valencia is a great city in which to cowork and meet people as well. Internationals from all around the world gather in this city to visit, live temporarily or even reside here for the long term. If you join a coworking facility you can certainly expand your network, work with people from different cultural backgrounds and genuinely enjoy your day to day office environment. It’s a great experience and definitely makes sense if you are looking to integrate into the community while also growing your business prospects. 


More on Coworking in Valencia, here.


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