Why Corporates are Choosing Coworking?

«Coworking» is typically defined as membership-based workspaces where freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared working space. As these alternative work settings have matured, they’ve begun to attract large corporate clients who see these spaces as a solution to some of the tough challenges they face.

These are 6 main reasons why corporations are choosing coworking spaces instead of or in addition to their head offices.

Diverse recruitment

Sometimes big companies don’t want to have all their workers based at the main headquarters, or even sometimes it’s not possible for them to operate in this way. Thanks to increased technology and fast online communication, organizations are now recruiting talent from outside the geographic area of their headquarters.

Connection to innovators and start ups

There is a growing trend of big corporations taking advantage of the benefits coworking spaces can provide. Some technological giants, such as IBM and Microsoft, are testing the use of coworking spaces for employees so they can be close to and easily interact with innovative startups and entrepreneurs.

One of the biggest coworking companies, WeWork, is seeing a growing number of large companies using their spaces. This could be a tactic to improve partnerships as well as to assess the market and local trends too.

Boost for creativity

Large organizations sometimes find that coworking’s collaborative environment boosts the creativity of its teams. Moving your development, research, marketing, design or other teams from a more bureaucratic corporate environment to a coworking culture can breathe new life into these creative areas of the business. Additionally, collaborating with other coworkers from outside the corporate team can spark new ideas!

Cost effective

Coworking also gives rapidly expanding organizations the flexibility to take more space, as needed, until they reach a point where finding offices outside of coworking makes sense. It can help companies which tend to have a hard time projecting exactly how much space they will need in the coming months or years. Coworking organizations can be more flexible as most membership agreements range in length between 30 days to one year. This gives the flexibility they need to scale up or down, paying only for the space they need that month.

If employees are more productive and happier in coworking environments, then this is also a way to reduce fluctuation and recruitment costs for companies.

Flexibility & Independence

Coworking spaces are typically accessible 24/7, giving members much more control over their workday and hours. If long hours are necessary to meet deadlines, employees can stay as long as they need to get the job done. It also gives workers flexibility to work at times when they feel more productive and feel more independent with their own work timetable.


Coworking spaces can bring a whole new meaning to work culture. They are a place for relationship building, where workers from different companies and backgrounds can meet and build a sense of belonging in their shared spaces.  Many coworking spaces organize events to facilitate networking and offer supportive services like language courses and other types of training to make it much easier for employees to get to know each other and also to expand their knowledge and skills. It is a great way to feel like you are developing in your career and enjoying your environment at the same time.

If you are considering a coworking space for yourself or for your team, follow this link to book a tour with us and see our space in Valencia!

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