Why choose Coworking in Valencia?

Coworking is a growing industry as more and more people are opting for a «work and travel» lifestyle . Of course, it has many benefits but have you considered where the best places to be a coworker are?

Well, here you have some reasons why Valencia is a top choice!

Rent, water, electricity, internet connection… Imagine how much they cost if you contract all of these services in a big city. Fortunately, these kinds of expenses are much lower in Valencia and they disappear if you choose to work in a co-working spot. As you are not the owner of the space, you don’t have to pay all of these outgoings, which is a big plus for your business overheads.



Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and one of the most important industrial cities in the country. As you can imagine, internet suppliers offer the best services and connections available to guarantee optimal internet speed. This is a nice advantage for digital nomads who need an affordable but efficient office space to work from!



There are so many nationalities and cultures in Valencia, as many people are drawn to this beach side city. So why not take advantage of these mix of cultures while working? You can surely learn how other people work and the different cultural styles in different fields. Try to enrich yourself by learning from the others!



Most of the co-working spaces in Valencia are set in wonderful locations around the city. There are some spots by the Marina and the City of Arts and Sciences… offering spectacular views. For a more convenient work space,  there are many located in the city center! Not everybody is able to enjoy beautiful views of the sea while working; nor can they say that their office is in the center of a beautiful European city, so this is definitely a huge plus!



One of the main benefits of being a co-worker is that you don’t have a fixed timetable. You decide your working schedule which means you can maximize your free time!  Valencia has so many events on offer all year round, and especially in summer! So, make the most of your flexible schedule and enjoy the beach, the city, the old town and the many great places in this amazing city!

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