What’s it like to be a coworker in Valencia?

We sat down with two of our coworkers from Germany. They visited Valencia  for a few weeks to try out the remote working lifestyle in a sunny city! We appreciate the time they took to share their experiences with us, offering an insight into life in Valencia. 

Why Valencia?

We chose to visit Valencia primarily to see our friends. We are visiting for a few weeks and we wanted to travel somewhere where we could slow down yet be productive at the same time! We really like Valencia and the atmosphere is very different from life in Germany.


What made you choose International Coworking Valencia?

Our first impressions of the website made us choose this destination as our coworking space in the city. We thought it looked really nice and professional. We booked online with ICV before coming to Valencia, so that we could start working straight away and not waste any time.


What have you enjoyed most about Valencia so far?

There are so many beautiful impressions.

First of all we should mention the weather; every day has been sunny and warm, with a light breeze. Just perfect.  In terms of the city, the architecture is stunning, the old town is really beautiful and the city is not as packed with tourists as Barcelona is, so that’s a nice surprise.

We have enjoyed getting to know the city by bike and by walking. The old river Turia that runs through the city is one of our favourite spots. Also, the people are very friendly here which makes the city feel warm hearted and very multi-cultural.


Why did you decide to work remotely?

We like to combine both because you can be productive and relax at the same time. As a writer, I like to travel to gain inspiration and motivation for my work. As a digital nomad, I only travel abroad to see friends, but I really like the option of combining trips for pleasure with work.


Would you come back to Valencia in the future?


It is a comfortable city and a suitable place to live and work. We have really enjoyed the bike tours, the architecture and we highly recommend the Valencia History Museum (El Museo de la historia de Valencia).

Would you recommend International Coworking Valencia?

Yes we would recommend International Coworking Valencia to other coworkers because the location is ideal, being right in the city center.

Also, the internet is fast, the work areas are spacious, and we felt like it had a great, friendly environment.



If you want to find out more about our Coworking space at International Coworking Valencia, click here.

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