What’s it like being part of a coworking community?

When you think of coworking you might think of a buzzing office, phones ringing, networking sessions taking place while young entrepreneurs collaborate on the next big thing. This may be the case in big city spaces but the reality is not quite so overwhelming as this. In fact, coworking is not only popular among freelancers but also small to medium sized corporations have found great use in joining coworking communities too. So, what’s it really like to be part of a coworking community?


Like-minded crowd

A coworking space gives SMEs, entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers the opportunity to work alongside other professionals from different backgrounds and sectors. This doesn’t mean everyone is collaborating nor that you’ll be expected to be a top networker, it’s really just a chance to associate yourself with other like-minded people.

Joining a coworking center is an awesome opportunity to get to know other professionals and share opinions and ideas with them. Getting to know other remote workers and hearing their stories can be motivational to say the least. It means working with other free-thinkers and open-minded individuals every day, and sharing your environment with this kind of people only breeds creativity and productivity.



As well as being able to meet and collaborate with interesting professionals, you essentially join a community too. You’re not directly working with them on projects but you are connecting, sharing every day life and enjoying the company of others during your workdays.

Sure, finding new clients, generating new business ideas and finding a new business partner are added bonuses, but what’s guaranteed is a community of people who you can connect with and share the simple things with like grabbing a coffee mid morning or getting lunch with a new friend. If you’re alone in a new city it’s a great way to meet people and feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.


Schedule freedom

Being a coworker allows you to be more in control of your own daily schedule. Most coworking centers are open 24/7 so if you need to take a break during the day for whatever reason, you can always resume later on and work on your own timeframe. Late night coworking and coworking on weekends are also available which companies and remote workers greatly appreciate, especially if they are working with colleagues on other time zones. This makes coworking communities quite easy going places with people working around the clock.

For SMEs, renting a coworking space for its employees allows the corporation to hire people from different countries without needing to provide a fixed office for them. It grants freedom to the employees and in many respects, to the employers too. 


Lowered costs

Linked with the last point, costs reductions are a massive reason for corporations opting for coworking offices. If a company needs to pay for an employee’s travel expenses, overseas accommodation and other services, they will surely save money on working location if they sign up to a coworking office for their employees.

For freelancers this can also be advantageous. By working in a coworking center, they are able to reduce costs while still having a fixed business address. What’s more they can use the space on a flexible basis and not feel bound to it if they have to travel or work away for a while. Monthly memberships are a common purchase regarding coworking so in this respect you’ll always meet new people, coming and going.  


Quality of life

Right now so many people are working from home and while this is most definitely cost effective it can also be counter productive and somewhat isolating. A coworking space offers a cheap alternative that can help you to feel connected to others while working remotely. A community environment is positive for mental health and quality of life. Not to mention if you choose to cowork in Spain, you get beautiful weather and outdoor coworking areas – a big boost for your day to day working life.


So, what are you waiting for?

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