What is the ‘Nou d’octubre’ holiday all about?

In Valencia,  their Community day is known as ‘Nou d’Octubre’, which is the Valencian translation for the day on which the festivity is celebrated, October 9th!


Why is it celebrated?

This day marks the anniversary of the Reconquista, when the Christians took back control of Valencia in 1238, after 500 years of Moorish rule! So it’s an important day in the history of this region and its leadership and evolution.


What do the celebrations entail?

Just like any Spanish holiday celebrated here, October 9th will host a fantastic mascleta (sound and firework display) to end the celebrations and plenty of traditional clothing can be seen throughout the day. Among the events taking place to celebrate this holiday, here are some special things you won’t want to miss out on seeing:

Tuesday 1st October: From today until October 9th there will be Open Days at “Palau de la Generalitat”. From 10:00 am to 6:30 pm everybody can enjoy a free visit to the most representative building of the Valencian institutions.

Saturday 5th October: During the weekend, 9 of the most important Palaces in the city are open to the public. Visiting times between 10am – 6:30pm.

Monday 7th October: Get out and see the Medieval Market in “Plaza de los Fueros” and on the “Serranos” bridge, with many food and crafts stands, open from 10:00 am to midnight. This market will stay open until October 13th!

Tuesday 8th October: At midnight get ready to the see the fireworks in the old Turia riverbed. The night from Tuesday to Wednesday will host one of the most spectacular Fireworks displays of the year in Valencia.

Wednesday 9th October:

The Civil parade begins at 12:00 pm, bringing the “Senyera” (the original flag of the Valencian Community) through the city and to the“Plaza del Ayuntamiento”. Once the parade has finished, a Mascletà will be set off at the “Plaza del Ayuntamiento”.
At 5:00 pm in the afternoon on the day itself, a parade performing the ancient fight between the Moorish and the Christians will go through the streets of Valencia’s city center.

There are plenty more holidays and festivals coming up in the next few months in Valencia so be sure to check out our blog to find out the significance and traditions of each of them!

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