Valencia: New Year’s Celebrations

Why not join Valencia’s New Year celebrations to welcome in 2020?

Here are a few activities, events and traditions that you might want to get involved with…


San Silvestre Run

When?: December 30th

It’s a 10km run that takes place at 8pm on December 30th, taking place in all of the major Spanish cities… and Valencia is no different. Starting in the city center on Xàtiva Street, you will see more than 17,000 participants running on this night, most likely to dressed up in costumes or festive outfits. It’s fun and a great way to end the year!


12 grapes tradition

New Year’s Eve, also known as ‘Nochevieja’, is typically a night spent with friends in Spain. Parties called ‘cotillones’ are held and also, people gather in town squares under the old clock tower waiting for the clock to strike twelve.

According to tradition, you should eat 12 grapes on each chime of the clock as it strikes midnight. Each grape represents a month of the coming year, so if you eat the twelve at this time you are guaranteed good fortune for the whole of 2020!



New Year’s Parties in Valencia


Party in Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Valencia’s town hall is organizing a light and sound show to welcome in the New Year. There will be a fireworks display at midnight followed by live DJ performances from the balcony of the town hall! The party is on between 10:45pm until 1:45am. 


Mysterious New Year’s Eve Dinner and Celebration

For those looking for a bit of a secretive night, Enigmatium sets up an evening that consists of dinner plus performances in a venue the guests have to wait to find out about. A few days before New Year’s Eve, clues are sent to solve the mystery, like a specific location in Valencia, and those going need to guess and find out where the restaurant is located!


Local Party Venues

Valencia has a wide range of places to choose from, clubs like Mya, Veles e Vents, Cream, Fryda, Maybe or Le Premier, Marina Beach Club or venues like Wah Wah will have their doors wide open for New Year’s celebrations, dancing all night long!

Enjoy the New Year’s festivities in Valencia and from all the ICV team, we wish you a fantastic 2020!

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