Valencia: A Better Quality of Life?

As we get older, many of us are in search of a better quality of life… more family time, more free time, better jobs, more travel, comfortable living, better weather… quality of life can mean different things to all of us!

Valencia is located on the East coast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea, and is an up and coming city in the way of business, tourism and property. Here we take a look at some of the main features this city has to offer… and you can make up your own mind on whether or not Valencia really can provide a higher quality of living!



The Valencian weather really is great year round! The summer can get quite hot during late July and early August, but overall, it is sunny with a sea breeze making you feel like you’re near to the beach, wherever you are!

Average temperature in summer is 25°C and January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 9°C. Year round Valencia is comfortable, with blue skies and few rainy days! The weather means people spend more time outdoors; eating at cafes, riding bikes, going to the beach, hiking the mountains and generally enjoying nature!

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is renowned for being healthy and it’s true! Living in Valencia makes you appreciate their cuisine and the abundant use of natural, home-grown, local products. They are all about eating the fruit and vegetables of the season while accompanying most meals with natural olive oil. It’s clear to see from the menus of local restaurants that meal choices are much healthier and there are always fresh salads, fruits and vegetables available. Surrounding yourself with a unique cuisine that is healthier and more natural than the usual western diet, can only help to improve your quality of life, right?

Outdoor Activity

Valencia is big on outdoor sports and events! If you check the local activity calendar, there are races of all kinds held in the city throughout the year. In fact, Valencia is home to the biggest and most popular Marathon running race in Spain, usually held at the beginning of December.

The city is perfect for outdoor activity- in addition to the weather, there are many outdoor spaces to take part in sports and the terrain itself is very flat across the whole city. The old River Turia is a prime spot for physical activity! It was once a river that ran through the city but has since been converted into what is now a huge park containing bike paths, running trails, football pitches, rugby fields, an athletics track, basketball courts and more. Many clubs and sports teams train and play regularly from here.

Cost of Living

Valencia is affordable compared to other major cities in Spain. There are more expensive areas as in every city but there are also some up and coming areas with cheaper living costs yet great accessibility to the city. Monthly costs such as food and public transport are very affordable in Valencia, compared to other parts of Spain! What’s more, it is a very flat city with many bike paths, so it’s ideal to cycle as a cheap and efficient form of travel.


Of course, the geography permits a fantastic year round climate, but also Valencia’s location in Europe is a prime place to travel from. Many tourists and travelers often find that Valencia serves as a good base from which to travel Europe and visit other countries. Valencia airport is well connected and it’s accessible by metro from the city center. You can find cheap flights to and from European countries really easily online!

Lastly, let’s not forget to mention, it is home to two beautiful beaches: Playa Malvarrosa and Playa El Saler. Both have stunning beaches, warm waters and fantastic restaurants lining the coast-  making Valencia an awesome place to live during the summer months, with the beach right on your doorstep!


If you want to find out more about Valencia and what it has to offer, check out our Blog. And if you are really interested, why not travel here and see what it’s all about! Our Coworking space allows you to work right in the heart of the city, for the time period you choose! Find out more here at International Coworking Valencia 

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