Update: All the latest from Valencia

If you’re looking to travel to Spain in the near future or simply want to find out more about the situation here, keep reading.

Here’s an overview of the latest Covid-19 regulations, the current situation in Spain and what’s in store for travel and tourism this year. 


Latest Covid-19 Regulations

As the summer season approaches, Spain introduces lighter Covid-19 restrictions granting more freedom to citizens and tourists while still keeping prime safety protocols in place.

The main safety protocols and control factors in Spain continue to be social distancing, face masks, regional regulations, disinfection protocols, and PCR testing. These measures have been essential to Spain’s progression through the virus and with vaccination progress going strong, these protocols will remain for the foreseeable future.

Latest Covid-19 updates from Valencia:

  • No more nighttime curfew which has been in place since last year.
  • No more limits on social gatherings in public spaces or at home, meaning there is no maximum number of people or households.
  • Nightclubs are reopening! Clubs will have a limited indoor capacity of 50%, while there is no limit on outdoor capacity. All clubs will close at 2am.
  • Restaurants and bars maintain a maximum of 10 people per table. Same goes in terms of capacity: 50% capacity indoors and 100% capacity outdoors. All hospitality closes at 1am.


New ‘Traffic Light System’

Spain has just introduced a new system which is now in place until the end of the vaccination campaign. The ‘traffic light system’ determines restrictions based on an area’s epidemiological situation.

The system categorizes an area’s risk as extreme, high, medium, or low. Percentages of hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) beds occupied by Covid-19 patients is one of the main factors that is measured. From the data analysis, different restrictions are put in place for each area. This system enables the nation to move forward as a whole by putting greater control measures on more high risk areas to stem regression in these areas.


Spain’s Current Health Situation

Covid incidence rates have slowed dramatically in the past weeks, especially in regions such as Valencia. Due to vaccine progress we are now seeing the majority of current cases in the under 50 age range. This is a positive step compared to pre-vaccine days, as younger people are far less likely to become seriously ill or die from Covid-19.

Spain recorded its lowest number number of Covid deaths last week, since last summer and health experts are claiming a downward trend due to the vaccine’s impact.


Latest on International Travel

Since May 24th, countries such as UK, South Korea, China, Japan and New Zealand are exempt from temporary restrictions for non-essential trips to Spain. Meaning, travelers from these countries do not need to present a negative PCR test upon arrival nor do they have to quarantine. However, the Health Form which can be completed online right here is still required to present upon entry.

The European Council is likely to make a decision soon on whether temporary travel restrictions will be thrown out for all low risk countries – so stay tuned on this.

If you are curious about the travel requirements from your country to Spain, all updated rules can be found here! Just go to this website, select your country and find out all you need to know: https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/


The Vaccine

Our vaccination campaign in Spain has seen huge progress in recent weeks! Stats inform us that 2.3 million people received a vaccine shot in the last week! Right now, Spain has almost 40% of the population protected by at least one shot, while 20% are fully protected.

The most-vulnerable (over 60s) are 95% protected and regional governments are now completing immunization of under 50s. It’s a process which will continue over the coming summer months and the system is working as fast as possible to distribute and administer the vaccine nationwide!


What Lies Ahead?

Things are definitely looking up! The health situation is improving every day here in Spain and the Covid outbreak is more under control than ever before. We have very few cases nationwide and especially in Valencia!

Internationals are able to travel to Spain with much more freedom and travel regulations are constantly being reviewed with the Vaccine passport still under discussion. Spain is opening its doors to more and more tourists this summer and we are very excited to welcome more coworkers and professionals to Valencia!


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