Typical Spanish Christmas Traditions

If you’re in Valencia over Christmas time, you should get familiar with some of the Spanish events and traditions!

Here are a few we thought you might be interested in…

Traditional foods

Of course each region of Spain is different, but many parts of Spain (including Valencia!) tend to eat seafood for their main Christmas meal, especially lobster and prawns. 

Aside from the main seafood dish, there are many unique sweets which can only be found around this time of year – pretty much everything made from almonds! You can find marzipan (ground almond treats), turrón (nougat made of almonds), and polvorones (almond cookies with powdered sugar) in just about any bakery around town.

And of course, cava (the Spanish version of champagne) is served around Christmastime as well!

«El Gordo»

This is the Spanish Christmas lottery! Buying a ticket is a very popular tradition. On December 22nd, everyone waits for the announcement of this year’s lucky numbers which are sung by school children live on TV. The lottery’s special name literally means `The Fat One´ because of the huge amount of money you can win! 

Día de los Inocentes

Did you know there is an equivalent to April Fool’s Day here in Spain, only it take place on December 28th? That’s right, known as Day of the Holy Innocents (Día de los Santos Inocentes), many people like to play practical jokes on each other. So watch out!

Christmas Markets

Many people will visit the annual markets that are put up all over the city with artesanal gifts, foods and festive items. It’s a great way to get out into the city and share the Christmas cheer with everyone! Also, there are special nativity scenes mounted in various parts of the city called «Belenes» which are also great to visit.


If you want to find out more about what’s going on over the holidays in Valencia, be sure to check out our Coworking Facebook page.

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