Transportation in Valencia

What’s transportation like in Valencia? How do people get around?

Valencia is a very easy city to get around compared to other cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Within the city center, most anywhere you would like to go is within about 30 minutes walking distance!

That being said, walking is one of the main options for transportation. Apart from walking, biking is also popular. Being a flat city, Valencia makes it very easy to get around by bicycle — whether it’s riding through Turia Park or just on the streets, biking is rather enjoyable since it’s not as chaotic as larger cities. You’ll see people riding bikes throughout the city at all times throughout the year! If you’re here visiting, you can use the public bike system (Valenbisi) which has stations throughout the city all the way to the beach, or you can rent a bike by the hour or for the day from the many bicycle shops around town!

If you need to go a bit further or jut don’t feel like walking or biking, the public transportation in Valencia is very easy and manageable. There are buses all around the city, as well as the underground metro. Both of these options are great depending on your destination. Both are fairly easy to navigate even if you don’t speak Spanish – type in your destination in Google maps and all the options will come up. You even have the option to buy your ticket in English at the machine.

Since the city center isn’t located right on the beach, usually either bus or metro are the most common options. Just check which beach (there are many options in Valencia!) you’d like to go to and check the maps for the best bus or metro stop.

Taxis are also an option and aren’t crazy expensive like in some cities. Although there is no uber here, there is an app called «cabify» which operates just like uber — you can use this in English too!

Now there’s nothing stopping you from moving to Valencia for your next Coworking Destination! For more reasons to move to Valencia, read here!

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