Top Job Opportunities for Remote Workers

With the recent surge in remote work and work from home positions, people are opening their eyes to a different type of working lifestyle. Remote work isn’t for everyone of course but for some it can actually improve day to day living, work and family life balance, and financial stability. That’s why we wanted to run through some of the top job opportunities for remote workers, to show you that it could be an option for you if you want it to be!

Check out some of the main remote work sectors: 


IT related jobs

Companies are always looking to recruit talented software engineers, cloud engineers or anybody with skills related to computer programming. The growing trend of the IT sector and the introduction of technology in all major companies makes this one of the best career choices you can make. What’s more, you can improve your skills online using free tools and courses, training yourself up for a top position in this field. 


Online content creator / writer

With the fast pace of the Internet, fresh content and new articles are constantly required! A huge part of their advertising and marketing schemes is solid content to boost their online presence. A content creator is able to work remotely for a number of businesses and produce specific articles, blogs and texts for their industry. The great thing about this job is the creativity aspect as well as the diverse kinds of writing jobs you can find. Copy writing and translation are also popular, well-paid remote jobs in this sector too. 


Online customer service

This is one of the easiest remote jobs you can find and usually doesn’t require much academic experience. It’s an easy and realistic way to get a job working from home with a steady pay check. Online retailers are always looking for people to handle their customer service attention lines. You just need to be good on the phone and be somebody who acts with patience, good communication and problem solving skills.   


Online teacher

Language learning has always been one of the biggest markets online, and even more so recently they have seen a boost in online classes. Now it’s seen as the norm to take a language course online or have an online tutor. If you are qualified to become a language teacher, then there is surely a gig for you! Don’t limit yourself to teaching only in your city. You could even teach your language to children or adults on the other side of the world. The salary is usually based on number of hours, but if you work more or less a full day from home, you’ll be cutting commute costs and saving the time of daily travel too. 


Graphic design & web development

A fun, creative remote job that is very relevant right now. All businesses want to get their presence known online and it is the absolute best way to make their company internationally and even locally more well known. Web developers can earn a good check per website and graphic designers are sought for their skills for a range of different projects. If you want to work remotely and have the flexibility and creativity to set up on your own, then this type of work can be very satisfying!


Social media & marketing

Many businesses look to outsource their marketing these days to have expert advice and help when it comes to creating their online profile. There are many marketing agencies you could get involved with or you could even set up your own marketing service. Marketing courses are available online and there are so many free tools you can take advantage of. Social media is massive in today’s marketing schemes and companies will pay you to solely take care of their social media accounts. It’s an innovative position that can make working from home fun and unique!

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