Top 5 Tapas Destinations in Valencia

‘Tapas’ are a typical part of the Spanish cuisine! They are small portions of seafood, meat, local delicacies, vegetable dishes and more, that are usually ordered in a group of people, and shared between the group. This way you can enjoy a lighter meal yet try many different foods at the same time. 

Valencia has some great Tapas destinations and especially after the quarantine, the people of Valencia will be eager to go out for Tapas once more!

Cervecería Alhambra

This bar is located on Carrer de Calixt III and offers some of the best tapas in Valencia! It’s not too well known among tourists so it attract the locals more than anything. Sit down and feel like a real local as you taste some of the finest Spanish tapas. If you go there you definitely have to try their tortilla española (Spanish omelette), being one of the best in town. 


La Tavernaire

If you are a vegan, then this is the place for you! This bar offers vegan friendly options, of high quality, while keeping the prices low. It’s quite difficult to find a seated table here as there are many regular customers keeping the place busy. The bar can be found at Carrer Dénia 18 in the Ruzafa area, which is a popular area to go out for a drink and bite to eat!


Casa Montaña

This is probably the most popular spot to get tapas in Valencia. This 180-year-old restaurant offers some of the best tapas in Valencia with clóchinas as their signature dish (a type of mussels unique to the Mediterranean area). You can also try some fine wine from local bodegas, for example Los Frailes. This high quality restaurant can be found in the area of Cabanyal, another great place to go out in Valencia. 


La Bodega Fila el Labrador

This bar can be found close to the university area, so if you are looking for a place with a younger crowd then maybe this is the place for you. On Thursday or Friday night it is packed with young people and students, with this said it keeps its prices fairly low and offers a great wine selection as well.


La Murta Vins I Tapes

Benimaclet is a neighborhood full of restaurants and bars, slightly to the north of the city. This bar can be found in Benimaclet which is easy to get to via the bus or metro network. This place offers some of the best tapas in Valencia and caters to the true tastes of local people in Valencia. If you are in Benimaclet, you should definitely go and try it out.


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