Top 5 Reasons to Choose Coworking in 2020!

COWORKING, or shared office space, gives SMEs, entrepreneurs, and freelancers access to all the benefits of a conventional office space without the cost of an office rental contract with all the constraints related to it. Coworking is becoming more popular also with large corporations, wishing to provide more flexibility to their employees, expose them to an open environment for networking and provoking their creativity. After a bit of brainstorming, here are our top 5 main reasons why coworking is the way to go.


Coworking gives you the chance to take your work wherever you go. This means you can visit places, enjoy getting to know new cultures or go to study foreign languages in the country they are spoken. All of these without being constrained by your few weeks of vacation and the need to come back to a fixed office location. 


Flexibility and Convenience

Most coworking spaces are open 24/7 and offer the flexibility to work when your clients are available and need your help, or when you feel the most productive. You get to choose an «office» close to where you live and can save the time for your daily commute. What’s more you get to work alongside other working professionals, forming relationships but not be tied to directly working with anybody. And not to mention you have a reason to dress up and set the brain signal that you are going to the office, which prepares you psychologically for a period of work-related concentration.


Networking to Boost Sales

Coworking equals everyday networking. You meet business professionals, learn from hearing about their challenges and from seeing how they overcome them.  You can even potentially find new clients or business partners. If you are new to the city, you can get to know locals who can connect you to a business community they know or can recommend you trustworthy providers for your business. You can invite your clients to meet in a centrally located and well arranged office that would make a good first impression.


Increased creativity and productivity

You can quickly burn out if you’re always at home. Working from a dynamic office with fresh ideas and modern perspectives can definitely boost your creative thinking. Coworking spaces tend to be well designed with good lighting and attractive color schemes too which helps!

Separating home from work

Research has shown that working in an office makes coworkers and nomads more productive than working in a coffee shop or at home. You can rely on a steady internet connection that will ensure communication with clients and providers in real time, making it a reliable place to work from. And then, after a long day at work, you can go home to rest!


If you are considering a coworking space for yourself or for your team, follow this link to book a tour with us and see our space in Valencia!

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