Things to Consider when Choosing your Coworking Destination


If you’re a remote worker looking for a new destination or want to try out coworking for the first time in Spain … then there are a few things to consider beforehand. 

Like many teleworkers, working from home can be more of a distraction than anything else and an office space is very much a necessity. Coworking is the perfect way to have your own desk close to home and not pay a ton of money for it while also meeting other people in a similar situation to you. 

Take a look at our top things to consider when choosing your coworking destination, in no particular order!



Spain is an awesome coworking location because it’s so diverse and there’s really something for everyone. It has great food, a beautiful language, charming cities and a rich culture. Valencia is definitely towards the top of the list in terms of remote work locations. It’s beautiful, big but not too big and it’s climate and costal life are hard to beat.

International Coworking Valencia (ICV) is in the heart of the city on Calle Colón and next to the main train station Estación Norte. It’s also located right next to two of the main underground stations making it a very accessible office space.  If Valencia is your choice, ICV can be a great location for your daily office hours and meetings.



Of course a huge part of your choice will be the cost of the space. Coworking in Valencia is relatively cheap compared to bigger cities like Barcelona. There you can expect to pay 25€ for a daily work area where as in Valencia it can be as cheap as 10€ per day. This makes your coworking destination a big choice because it can make the difference to your budget.

ICV offers competitive prices for a day, a week, a month or more. For more info on prices, click here.



When you pick a coworking space make sure you consider all the things they have to offer. While they may have a great view this may also come with uncomfortable chairs or no place to store your food. It’s important that it fits your needs and doesn’t just look the part! Services can include open work desks, private meeting rooms, tea and coffee machines, kitchen facilities, postal address and more. So make sure you get take the time to research and get what you pay for.

At ICV we are blessed to have a 7th floor space and a roof terrace to boot. This is perfect for work breaks and to enjoy your working day at the office. Not to mention a well ventilated, clean and open work area. For a better idea of our services, click here.



The main considerations obviously have to do with work but that’s not to say you can’t base some of your choice on the community it possesses. It’s always great to meet people and talk with others throughout the day and even have some laughs. That’s one of the main pluses of working in an open area and can definitely add quality of life to the decision making process.

ICV has a global community and often coworkers will chat, grab lunch together or take breaks on our roof terrace. Working next to people from other professional sectors and nationalities can be really useful when you feel stuck on your tasks or even would like to meet like-minded folk. Learn more about our Community here


All in all, it’s your choice and we hope that this advice can help you out a little bit! Going with your gut and feeling the atmosphere of the coworking center is also a huge factor that can’t be experienced unless you actually check it out. Look for free tours and free trials if you want to be sure on your decision!


Good luck!



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