The Fantastic July Fair in Valencia

Summer is here! And to celebrate it, Valencia hosts one whole month of the July Fair. Here in Valencia it is known as the “Gran Fira” or “Feria de Julio” and it brings with it lots of events to every neighborhood!

Music, fireworks, drinks, food, traditions… there’s a whole host of activities for adults and children to experience.

What can you enjoy?

This month the bullring in the center of Valencia hosts the most popular bullfighters in all of Spain – so if you like bullfighting, make sure you get a ticket to see these special performances!

At night, the city will be full of music!
Almost every night from June 30th to July 25th there will be a concert in the “Jardín de Viveros”, acting as a beautiful stage for some amazing artists like: David Bisbal, Ana Belén, Bebe, Leiva, Luz Casal, Andrés Calamaro, Crystal Fighters and many more!

Traditional events

Traditional events like the “Battle of the Flowers”, will take place on Sunday 28th July. This is one of the most colorful and exciting celebrations.
The parade runs right through “Paseo de la Alameda” , bringing with it one million and a half carnations which are thrown among the floats and the spectators.

Also, July is the month in Valencia when the candidates are pre selected for the 2020 crown of the “Fallera Mayor” (the Queen of the Fallas Festival).

Fun events

For children (but not only for children!) the funfair in the “Jardín del Túria” is great fun! It is located in the old Túria riverbed and it has many rides, games and food stands to enjoy.

And of course, there will be many spectacular fireworks shows to celebrate this festival! The “Nit a la Mar” will bring a beautiful exhibition of music and colored fireworks hosted in “La Marina de Valencia” on July 13th at 12:00 am (the night from Saturday to Sunday). You really won’t want to miss it!!

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