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For all freelancers and those who are able to get their job done away from the office, traveling and working at the same time is definitely one of the best summer plans you could possibly make. Here’s why…


While day to day work tasks and routine won’t change a whole lot, it’s the extra hours off the clock where you’ll see the biggest difference. At the end of the working day, instead of sitting down on the sofa and watching a movie, you can go out and explore! Discover a new part of the world, try a foreign cuisine for the first time, learn about a different culture’s traditions and more. It can make life exciting and definitely make this summer one to remember!

Business Benefits

Choosing to work remotely is so much more than just traveling. Visiting different cities and countries with business in mind could mean potential expansion prospects for your company too. Experiencing your industry in a new country, gaining a better understanding of the locals, getting to know the city’s infrastructure, are all important parts of expansion especially if international trade is one of your aims.

It’s not only that, going to a new country could also mean meeting potential partners too. Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain, home to a big international community and a perfect place for coworking and meeting people from all around the globe. Expanding your network, seeing how the industry works in other cultures and forming connections is a definite plus of remote work!

And of course, if you’re working from a coworking space you’re not paying rent or bills, leaving you more free to move around and not be weighed down by extra business costs.

Personal Plus

For your own personal well being, travel is a great medicine. New environments and routines, coupled with less daily responsibilities are a great stress relief. Many people experience their most growth in unfamiliar situations and novel places, which is exactly what traveling brings!
Valencia is well known for its many great beaches and wonderful climate, so what better place than Valencia to enjoy a great summer by the coast? The Spanish way of life is very relaxed and social, which is definitely an awesome way to connect with others and to enjoy a unique summer.
If you want to find about more about Valencia as a travel destination, take a look at our International Coworking Blog
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