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Coworking spaces are popping up in all major cities and many digital nomads, freelancers and small start ups are taking advantage of such facilities. These flexible offices can certainly make your routine and business endeavours easier through a range of services. If you’re familiar with the coworking scene or not, take a look at the services on offer and select the ones you’ll need to consider in order to find the best possible space for you!


Probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a coworking office is the location and accessibility. It’s no good having an amazing space that takes you forever to get to each morning. The point of a coworking space is to make life easier, to provide a convenient place to work from at all hours, and to reduce the stress of the daily commute!

In Valencia, there are several to choose from and remember that this city is very bike-friendly so riding your bike or walking there could be a great (and healthy) way to commute each day. It would also be good to check out bus and metro stations nearby, to see if these lines connect well to your desired coworking facility.


Environment & Productivity

While coworking can be great for networking and meeting new people, you don’t want that to get in the way of the work you’ve got to do! Some coworking spaces have private desks and individual work stations while others have a shared, open work environment. The choice is yours! You may even prefer a combination of the two.

Depending on whether you need to take phone calls regularly and maintain privacy or if you prefer a more relaxed vibe; make this factor a priority when you choose your space. Your work environment plays a huge role in your daily productivity, mindset and creativity, so it’s a vital component.


Virtual Office

A huge advantage of joining a coworking space is getting your own virtual office address. Registering your business address in a central, well-known or prestigious area of the city can boost your credibility and online success. You’ll get to manoeuvre all business transactions and operations through a secure office address. It’s definitely worth it!
What’s more, some coworking spaces don’t even require you to be renting a desk and will enable you to solicit the Virtual Office service separately. In Valencia, International Coworking Valencia offers such a service form the center of the city. More information and contact details here.

Internet Speed

Check the space has a solid Wifi connection and is suitable for your type of work. If you require an advanced connection then check it has what you’re looking for. Many spaces offer a 1 day trial so maybe you could use this service and see if the pace and the Wifi quality is up to speed! Getting your work done efficiently is so important and that’s why this is always an essential to check off the list at the beginning.


Take a look at the meeting room facilities. It’s great to have a space that can account for this and make sure you have your own private space to conduct conference calls, video meetings, or in-person meetings too. It provides you with a secure area to deal with private matters and gives you a certain level of freedom too. Meeting rooms may be in high demand so you could also ask about how available they are on a day to day basis. It’s a crucial service for any traveling professional and one that should be available for you when you live the coworking lifestyle.


Extra Necessities

Don’t forget that there are other small but essential services you’ll want to benefit from. Coworking spaces can provide so much more than just a desk and Wifi! If you need a place to prepare your meals, warm up food or keep things in the fridge, check out these services. Most likely the coworking office will have shared facilities for all coworkers and this is so helpful in the working day when you need a quick break and these necessary services.
Another key service you may not have considered is a private locker. Think about it, commuting every day with your laptop, devices and more may not be so convenient but if you have your own locker you can leave your belongings at the office and not need to haul them everywhere you go. It’s a useful perk if you’re in a new city as well and want to do some sightseeing during the week too.
Lastly, does the space have a view? While not a necessity, if it has a view or outdoor space this can be super refreshing for your mind day in and day out! A nice view can keep you inspired and positive, so add it to the list and see what you can find!
If a central location in Valencia is for you, check out International Coworking Valencia and its various services in the heart of the city!

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