Q&A with Three Short Term Coworkers

Our Coworking space is home to many international business professionals and entrepreneurs. We took some time to sit down and talk with three of our current coworkers from the Netherlands. Anton, Joris and Rick are all part of the same company and are staying here with us in Valencia for 2 and a half months.

Where are you from and how long have you been in Valencia?

We are from Amsterdam originally and our headquarters for the business are located there. We have been in Valencia for just over a week.

Why did you choose Valencia?

The main reason was for the weather! Right now it is cold and wet in the Netherlands, so we decided to spend our time somewhere warmer and sunnier. Another reason for us was the fact that there’s no time difference between here and back home, so that makes things easier. And lastly, it was easy for us to travel here as we simply came by car.

What is your field of work?

We manage online platforms that host and sell courses in the Netherlands.

One of our platforms is called Soofos (https://soofos.nl/) and it’s like a marketplace where people can go to purchase various courses. These courses can range from meditation to guitar lessons to courses on professional skills and development. All of the courses we advertise take place in the Netherlands.

Our other main platform is called Maatos (https://maatos.nl/). This is a platform that allows users to create their own course environment, whereby they can rent our systems and promote their own courses.

How do you like Valencia so far?

We really like the city. It is a comfortable city to live in and has a relaxed atmosphere. We think people enjoy life a bit more here; they spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoy good food and drink, and seem to be more social.

Why did you choose International Coworking Valencia?

We mainly chose this place because it’s near to the apartment we are renting. Also, we thought the roof terrace looked nice and it is a pretty good price overall.

We live in the Ruzafa area which is a cool place to live. It has a lot of bars and cafes and it’s walking distance from the Coworking office and the city center which is nice.

Have you had a positive experience here with us so far?

Yes it’s good. The atmosphere is good and you can actually see people working here, so it’s a good environment to actually work in.

Would you recommend Valencia and International Coworking Valencia to future digital nomads?

Yes, definitely. It is our first experience doing Coworking and living in a new city. We are enjoying it so far and I think we would definitely come back to Valencia because it’s a cheap place to live, you don’t need a working Visa to come here and it’s really easy to move around.

If you are interested in Coworking from our space, take a look at our website here or email us at hello@internationalcoworking.net

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