Q&A with a Short Term Coworker

One of our short term coworkers sat down with us to talk about his experience in Valencia and how he found our Coworking space. Find out more here…


Why did you come to Valencia?

I am from Canada and my company is based in the UK so it made more sense for me to be based in Europe and at the same time I enjoy warm weather. I found Valencia as a good compromise; I wanted to be in a big city and also by the seaside. Valencia was basically ticking most of the boxes.


What made you choose International Coworking Valencia?

When we arrived here two months ago the idea was to find a place for me to work and also at the same time I wanted to take Spanish classes because I think it is quite necessary when you live in the country to speak the language.

I found that this place was great because it enabled me to take my classes and at the same time basically I did not need to commute and lose time. There is a really nice environment at the co working space and also there are perfect teachers.


What have you enjoyed most about visiting Valencia?

Valencia has really met my expectations. I enjoy the nice weather here and spending time by the seaside where I can go on a bike. It is really useful, you can just take a bike and go through the city whenever you need. It is a big city but at the same time it is a small city where you have everything. I live in the Ruzafa neighbourhood which is really nice, full of great cafés and restaurants.


Why do you like to work and travel?

At first, it was a working decision. If you decide not to be an employee and work all the time in the same place you basically become independent. I can see pros and cons because as you are far away you may feel like you are lacking guidance. The advantages are that you are more flexible so I think it is a good balance. It also depends on the work you are doing.


Can you see any advantages of coworking?

First of all, I am absolutely unable to work from home because at home I start working and after five minutes I am going to make myself a coffee or I start reading or I do anything else other than actually working. So I think that coming to a place like a coworking space gives you a structure and when you work remotely you need that structure.


Would you come back to Valencia in the future?

Yes, I actually plan to stay here for a while and see how it goes. I can be based where I want to and when you arrive to a place it takes some time to adjust so I am giving myself a little bit of time and if you find the place you like, there is no reason why not to stay there for some time.

For more information on our Coworking space, take a look here.

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