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Incase you’re wanting some more information on inner city coworking, a remote worker’s lifestyle, or Valencia in general – this blog can help! We’ve put together our top FAQs so you can get a better idea of the coworking lifestyle and coworking experience with us at International Coworking Valencia.


What are our most frequently asked questions?


1. What are your rates?

For those who are traveling or passing through Valencia, short term rates are the number one factor. Usually they are on a budget and so price really matters. We offer the cheapest coworking prices across the city for the services available. Our fixed day rate is 10€, our fixed weekly rate is 30€, and our monthly rate is 90€ which grants you 24hr access to our coworking space.


2. Where are you? / How do I get there?

Our coworking center is located on Calle Colón, number 18. One of the most central streets in the city!

To get to us you can take the metro service to Xàtiva or Colón metro station, and walk 2 minutes from there to our location. Also, you can take a bus into the city, with many lines going straight to the Town Hall square from which we are also just a 2mins walk away.


3. Do I need to book a tour or can I just show up?

You can go to our website and book a tour if you prefer to check out the facility beforehand but this is not a requirement. If you decide to come and see us at short notice, you can call us or shoot us an email before arriving, so we are expecting you. If you want to stop by as you’re passing through the city this is absolutely fine but you may need to wait to be attended.


4. What’s the community of coworkers like? / How many coworkers use your facility?

Our coworking community is a mixed bag! At present, we have ten long term coworkers who use our workspace every day – all of them residing in Valencia and half of them being internationals.

We also have an average of 5 or 6 walk ins each month who stay with us anywhere from 1 day up to a few weeks or even a couple of months.


5. What are the main services available on a weekly / monthly membership?

On a weekly membership with us you get your own work desk plus full access to the facility (roof terrace, chill out area, meeting rooms, and work area). You are also permitted to use the kitchen services with assistance from a member of staff under new covid protocols. Kitchen services include a microwave, fridge/freezer, coffee machine, kettle and utensils.

With a monthly membership you are granted 24 hour access. You get your own keys to the office, a locker to store your belongings, and full access to all the facility and kitchen services too.


6. What’s the noise level like?

Our coworking space has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere so coworkers can interact and network. In the open work area it is permitted to take phone calls and video calls (as long as they are not too loud and you must use headphones). Our coworking office is shared with a Spanish language school so there is some background noise of students coming and going too.

For a more private and quieter work area we have an upstairs desk as well as outdoor seating on the roof terrace. If you need to get on a call where you need silence, there is also the possibility to rent a meeting room for the time you need.


For more information on our coworking services and the coworking lifestyle in Valencia, just get in touch!

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