October 9th Celebrations in Valencia!

This year the October 9th celebrations will be a little different but that won’t stop Valencians celebrating this special day! October 9th or ‘Nou d’Octubre’ is the Valencia Community day which is celebrated across the entire region. It is a local holiday and is very special to Valencia because it marks the anniversary of the Reconquista.

Here are some more details on how Valencia will celebrate the holiday this year …

What celebrations can we expect to see?

There are special events that take place on October 9th each year to commemorate when the Christians took back control of Valencia in 1238, after 500 years of Moorish rule! This is usually represented by a traditional parade in the morning known as the ‘Reial Senyera’  and in the afternoon there is a performance of the fight between the Moorish and the Christians that parades through the main streets of Valencia.

However, this year the traditional events have been replaced by an exhibition. On October 9th, citizens and tourists can visit and watch the “Reial Senyera” which will be exhibited in the “Salón de Cristal” at the Valencia City Hall. The facility will be sure to enforce social distancing and safety measures for all.


What about Fireworks?

As we mentioned above, the traditional parade has been cancelled and therefore the subsequent Mascletà that closes the event. But don’t worry! Instead, Valencia plans to put on display all the fireworks that were cancelled during the Fallas Festival. So, on October 8th and October 9th, you’ll get to see big fireworks shows in and around Valencia, to avoid crowds!


Here’s the main fireworks show schedule:

The first column displays all shows on October 8th. The second column shows all events on October 9th.


Benifaraig: 10:00 pm Valencia: 1:00 pm
Benimàmet: 10:00 pm Beniferri: 2:00 pm
Carpesa: 10:00 pm Borbotó: 2:00 pm
Casas de Bárcena: 10:00 pm Benimàmet: 2:00 pm
Horno de Alcedo: 10:00 pm Castellar: 2:00 pm
La Torre: 10:00 pm La Torre: 2:00 pm
Pinedo: 10:00 pm La Punta: 2:00 pm
Castellar: 10:00 pm Massarrojos: 2:00 pm
    Poble Nou: 2:00 pm


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