Long Term Coworker Q&A

Our coworker Greg has been with us for over a year and has been working remotely for more than 2 years now. His insights on Valencia, the remote working lifestyle and our coworking space are here for you to take a look at.


1. Why did you choose to work and live in Valencia?

We wanted to move to Spain and especially by the coast. I was working remotely with a translation agency based in Valencia and my wife found a position here as a teacher. We were looking to move to a more eco-friendly city, with great outdoor locations and better quality of life- so Valencia was a perfect choice.


2. How long have you been a remote worker and does Valencia suit this lifestyle?

I have been a remote worker for just over 2 years. Yes I think Valencia is great for remote work! It is very easy to get used to and there’s a great international community in the city.


3. What were your first impressions of International Coworking Valencia?

My first impressions were that the staff are very friendly and helpful. Also, that the space is quiet and simple.


4. Why did you choose International Coworking Valencia?

My main reasons were the central location plus the affordable price. After I took a tour the friendly staff were also a reason to join.


5. What has the coworking lifestyle been like during the pandemic?

Very serious obviously. I think everyone was worried and not sure what was going to happen. Now things are more controlled and this coworking space has some cleaning rules and temperature checks at the door to make sure things are a bit safer.


6. What has International Coworking Valencia been doing in terms of health and safety to keep coworkers safe?

They did a great job putting up signs on the walls to make sure we knew about all the new rules. There is hand gel everywhere and a member of staff cleans the space regularly during the day. Also, everyone is expected to wear a mask at all times and keep social distance.


7. What kind of community can you find at International Coworking Valencia?

I have not really talked to many people but it seems pretty international.


8. Would you recommend International Coworking Valencia to other remote workers?

Yes definitely. If you’re looking for an affordable place in the city, it’s a really good option.


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