Long Term Coworker Q&A

At International Coworking Valencia, we also host small companies and start ups as well as individual coworkers. We provide long term contracts and private office spaces to accommodate our clients. Steve and his team joined us from France last year and have been utilizing International Coworking Valencia to host clients and achieve their business goals.

Here are his responses to our quick Q&A!


1. Why did you choose to work and live in Valencia?

We have been developing our business activity in Valencia and so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to move here and continue developing our business.

We chose a coworking office as opposed to renting our own office space because we felt like this would give us more flexibility and be easier for us in the long term. As internationals, coworking was a safe and easy option for us.


2. How long have you been a remote worker and does Valencia suit this lifestyle?

We have been working remotely at International Coworking Valencia (ICV) since August 2020 and so far we really enjoy the lifestyle here, it’s a great city!


3. What were your first impressions of International Coworking Valencia?

It’s a friendly atmosphere and the people are welcoming.

The space has all the services we need so it was a comfortable transition for us.


4. Why did you choose International Coworking Valencia?

The central location and opportunity to rent a private work office for our team was the most important thing.


5. What has the coworking lifestyle been like during the pandemic?

As we rent a closed office at ICV we are not directly in the open coworking area with the other remote workers. For us it would be impossible to work with other internationals around us. We need our own space and also because the technology we work with is confidential.


6. What has International Coworking Valencia been doing in terms of health and safety to keep coworkers safe?

We are not afraid of Coronavirus and with the standard measures we feel comfortable and safe to work in a community office. All the safety measures applied by ICV are clear to see and much appreciated.


7. What kind of community can you find at International Coworking Valencia?

We don’t know many people as we are in a separate space but those that we do know are very friendly.


8. Would you recommend International Coworking Valencia to other remote workers?

Yes, we would recommend ICV to other remote workers. The team here are very pleasant and the central location is very convenient.


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