Life in Valencia as a Digital Nomad

Our Coworking space has seen many digital nomads pass through, from a variety of countries. We sat down with one of our longer term co-workers from England, a marketing specialist, to ask him a few questions about life in Valencia and the Coworking scene.

1. How long have you been a digital nomad and what inspired you to take your work on the road?

I’ve been working abroad for just over a year and a half. The idea to take my work on the road originally came after returning from backpacking. I went backpacking across Australia and several other countries, and after trying to readjust to an office job, I realized I preferred traveling full time! So that’s when I began to make the effort to combine the two.


2. Why did you choose Valencia as your base from which to work?

I traveled around Spain looking for a home and when I came to Valencia I really fell in love with it. What attracted me most to Valencia was the chilled atmosphere and of course, the proximity of the beach!


3. What are some of the best things about living in Valencia?

I really enjoy the lifestyle here, it has a great restaurant and bar culture, and good nightlife on the weekends. Of course, the fact that you live so close to the beach is a plus, especially during the summer. I also really like the cycle lanes and I’d say it is one of the most cycle friendly cities I have visited. The ‘Turia river’ is another huge plus, to have a park of that size in the city is really refreshing.


4. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced since moving here?

I haven’t experienced many challenges but one thing that stands out is the letting agency, their poor organization didn’t make the living arrangements easy in the beginning! But after sorting this out, things have been fairly easy to organize and finding a Coworking space was not a problem at all.


5. What do you like about working from International Coworking Valencia?

It has a great central location so it’s easy to access. As for the space itself, I really like the option of standing desks and the current community- a mix of international people and locals.


6. What advice would you give to other traveling professionals thinking of moving to Valencia to work?

One thing I would say is that if you’re coming in the summer, make sure to get an apartment with AC! Also, in terms of living areas, I’d recommend living in the Eixample/ Russafa area. It’s a vibrant part of town with plenty of cafes and bars.


7. What’s the Coworking network like in the city, is it easy to meet and connect with other digital nomads?
It’s pretty good! There is a Facebook group called ‘Valencia coffees and co-working’ who arrange meet ups every Wednesday and also hold other social events. Overall, the scene is quite good here.

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