Life as a Coworker in Valencia

One of our long term coworkers gives us an insight into the lifestyle of a coworker in Valencia.

Here’s what he had to say…


1.What area do you work in?

I actually live in Tanzania and work for a company that is based there. At the moment we’re developing a solar energy plant in the country and so part of my job is to manage the software and make sure it works! Fortunately I am able to travel and work remotely with my company, hence my stay in Valencia.


2.How has the pandemic affected you personally and professionally over the past few months?

It has not affected me too much, at least not more than other people. I have kept working so at least I can say I was lucky for that. In terms of my job I was already working remotely, so it was not a huge change for me. For my company it’s true that we are having a harder time raising funding and so there are tough times ahead for sure…


3. Do you feel safe living and working in Valencia right now?

I feel very safe in Valencia. Most people follow the rules and protocols to avoid getting infected. You can see 99% of people wearing a mask on the street and in the shops which is better for everyone.

There are many cases here and everywhere so I think the only thing to do is take care of yourself personally and follow the safety rules. Even though I got sick recently and had to go to the doctor, I had no problems. The healthcare system is good. So, everything is fine if you do have a problem.


4. What were your first impressions of International Coworking Valencia and how did you originally hear about us?

I found International Coworking Valencia on Google Maps. I was looking for somewhere central and affordable at the same time. I always felt very welcome from the first moment and was impressed at how people called me by my name from day one. I also noticed that there are coworkers from different countries and backgrounds which is interesting.


5. What do you like the most about Valencia and the coworking lifestyle here?

I like how I can find any kind of service very easily here and also how close the beach is. It’s not a huge city which makes it comfortable to live in and get around. Another thing I really like about he city is how clean it is. I have been to other places and streets in Valencia that are much cleaner than other cities. 

Being a coworker in Valencia is great. I can enjoy the city during the day and also have a good location to work from. International Coworking Valencia is right in the city center and so it suits me well. It is really well communicated of course, despite I don’t even need to take the public transportation to come here.


6. What’s important for you when choosing a coworking center?

I think the most important thing in a coworking space is to have a good Internet connection. International Coworking’s only issue I found so far was slow internet at peak hours (11 am to 2 pm). Anyway, they have two different networks to change between if there’s any problem so it works out fine. Other than this, I think International Coworking has all the features that are necessary to work properly. 


7. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage for you working in the city center?

For me it’s a big advantage because I live 5 minutes away. But as I said previously, it’s a huge benefit to be in the city center because it’s very well connected. There are many different transportations that allow everybody to arrive here easily and you can find any service you need to.


8. Would you recommend other digital nomads to join us?

Definitely! As I told you above, I felt welcome from the first day. It’s a small coworking space so we can all work in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Especially nowadays with the pandemic, International Coworking has limited the total capacity so there are less people and more space for each person. The community is nice and we all know and treat each other with familiarity.


9. Lastly, what advice would you give to other coworkers considering a move to Spain?

I think Spain is one of the best places to live. The quality of life vs. cost is one of the best deals I have found so far, so it’s a great choice. Also, the current situation is not bad. We are still living a normal life and the restrictions do not affect our social lives so much. There’s a curfew from 12:00 am to 6:00 am but it’s not hard to deal with if you have a common lifestyle. Overall, I love Valencia and I would certainly recommend this city.


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