Interview with a Coworker from New Zealand

We recently did an interview with one of our long term coworkers Simon from New Zealand.  A software developer, he works for a New Zealand based company, developing software for the energy sector. He has been working remotely for 6 years and has been living in Valencia for one year and a half.
He shared his experience with us so far and what inspired him to be a remote worker and live in Valencia.


Why did you choose to come to Valencia?

I came to Valencia on holiday with my wife as we were considering moving to Spain at some point. We really liked Valencia, for its wonderful weather, the coastline and lots of  things going on. It made a big impression on us and 9 months later we moved here! We just love it here.


What made you choose International Coworking Valencia?

I liked it when I first came to visit. It is a laid back space, you can talk to people and socialize, it has a very central location and it’s easy to reach. I also like the flexible working hours.


You have been living in Valencia for a while, what do you like most about Valencia and what do you find the most challenging? 

I love the sun and the wonderful weather, the mild winters with 20 degrees in December! I like the fact that it is a beach city, but not all about the beach, it has a life of its own. It is not too big or hectic, but also it’s not too small. I feel very secure here. The challenge was the language, I spoke only a little Spanish at first, but it is getting better with time.


Why do you like the work and travel lifestyle? What are the advantages of working in a coworking space?

I love the flexibility. I cannot imagine working from an office, where I need to go every day, where I am told what to do. Working remotely gives me the freedom to be where I want to be be, to decide what my working time is and to adapt work to my lifestyle and not vice-versa.

I am lucky to be able to keep working for a stable employer with a long term relationship without needing to be limited to living in one and the same country. I like working at International  Coworking Valencia, it helps me to focus and meet new people as opposed to just staying home. I can come to the office whenever I feel like, and I like this flexibility that International Coworking Valencia gives me.


Have you participated in some of the after-work activities of International Co-working Valencia?

Yes, I went to the Flamenco and Tapas night and I just loved it, both the authentic flamenco dance, the nice company of other co-workers and the food.
I would be glad to join more of these activities!

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