Interview: Coworker Combining Spanish Classes

We had a chat with one of our long term coworkers from Belgium, to ask her about her experience in Valencia so far. Currently, she is a Business Development Manager with a UK pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing company. Here’s what she had to say…

Why did you choose to work remotely from International Coworking Valencia?

I chose it for the great central location, the good mix of foreigners and Spanish people working there and the interesting digital content International Coworking Valencia publishes on their website and Facebook page. I am still following this.

Besides, International Coworking Valencia is located next to a Spanish language school, in the same office space, so coworkers can take advantage of Spanish language classes too.


Why did you choose the digital nomad and remote co-working lifestyle? Why Valencia specifically?

I like traveling and developing myself, the digital nomad lifestyle gives me the opportunity to choose where to live, to travel while working and to manage my own time more effectively. I wanted to come to Spain for a while, I chose Valencia in order to stay out of the big and hectic cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

I like it here as there is a lot of culture and history to explore, there are lots of things happening, the weather is great and Valencia is a beach city.


You also signed up for Spanish language classes. How would you evaluate your learning experience?

I am very satisfied with the Spanish lessons, the teachers are very professional, they focus on serious grammar and vocabulary content but also make the classes fun and enjoyable and we have lots of conversation. I like this a lot because after a month of classes I feel much more confident to speak in Spanish. It is really easy here to manage my work schedule alongside taking some classes. 


Would you recommend International Coworking Valencia to other remote workers?

Yes, definitely! I would recommend it because of the flexibility and friendliness of the staff. Also, it is not too big a coworking space and has a mix of expat and Spanish coworkers. It has the unique advantage of being next to a Spanish language school, which is a really big advantage for those people who want to work abroad and learn the language too!


If you are fond of the idea of working fully or partly from a co-working space in Valencia, click here to find out more. 

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