How to pick up Spanish without studying (or using a book)?



Do you want to pick up Spanish during your stay in Valencia? Do you feel the need for a different approach instead of just classes or studying from a book? There are many ways you can learn Spanish.

Below we’ll give you some suggestions on how to find new ways to improve your Spanish and make the most of your time in Valencia:


Put it into practice

This sounds too obvious to list, but the most nerve racking part of learning a new language is speaking. People are afraid to make a fool of themselves in front of others, especially as adults. But here’s the truth, putting the language into practice and making mistakes with your speech is all part of the learning process. Speaking and listening allows you to constantly review the language you have been learning in your study time, and most importantly, allows you to be creative in Spanish which makes it more enjoyable for you too!


Language Exchange

Intercambio with a Native Spanish Speaker>, Talking to a native Spanish speaker can really help to improve your speaking. Conversing with a native will teach you about pronunciation accent and rhythm things you definitely can’t learn from a textbook. They can also help correct your grammar and teach you local expressions!


Spanish Music

Another fun way to improve your aural skills is by listening to Spanish songs. Although you won’t understand every word at first, it’s a way to attune your hearing to the rhythm and the accent, and to become more familiar in general with Spanish phrases and expressions.


Phone Apps

Short of time? Why not download a language app on your phone and learn Spanish on the go. Most language apps these days use interactive activities to help you pick up the language through various means and the good thing about this type of learning is, it can be done anywhere at any time! It’s definitely a handy way to practice Spanish and the quick, interactive exercises make the learning process that bit more enjoyable.

If you’re interested in trying out a group conversation course, check out the link.

Or contact us to find out where and when you can join a language exchange!

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