Make the Most of your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Being a digital nomad, remote worker or managing your own business from a distance can be challenging, fun, frightening and amazing all at once. Once you have chosen to take on the adventure of a digital nomad lifestyle, make sure you make the most of your experience! Here are some of our tips on how to do just that:

Keep busy to avoid homesickness

Don’t spend too much time alone in your room, chatting with friends and family at home. That’s an easy way to feel homesick. Go out, explore your new city and country. Be active and sign up for activities helping you to make connections, like joining a co-working space and its after work events, joining different meet-up groups or activities planned by your local friends. You will return home eventually, but you can only experience your stay abroad period right here and now!


Live like a local: Live with a host family

Take advantage of “being a local” and immerse yourself in the culture of the community where you are living. It is great that you decided to explore the world while continuing to develop your career or own business from afar. Besides focusing on work, you can further immerse in the culture by opting to live with a host family so you get to know the locals’ lifestyle, cuisine, culture and traditions, as well as  join local events like language exchanges, music concerts, local sports events, etc.


Learn the local language

Once you have arrived to your new destination, the best way to connect with locals – be it for fun or business – is to start learning the local language. Once you are still orienting the new situation, search for a language school and sign up for an intensive program, if your schedule permits, so you can start chatting with the locals as soon as possible.  


Get involved: Join a volunteering program

Volunteering is not only a way to do some good, it’s also a great way to network and build your skills outside  the business environment. By volunteering, you’ll come into contact with locals from diverse backgrounds, encouraging you to keep an open mind about people and be able to make a difference to the everyday life of the ones in need.


If you wish to make the most out of your experience as a digital nomad, benefiting from all of the above, take a look at our International Co-working website

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