Fall 2020 Events In Valencia

Fall is a wonderful time in Valencia. The weather is cool and fresh, people are back to enjoying the city and all its perks, and the streets are buzzing with life once more. With many cancellations due to Covid-19 it’s hard to know what’s going on in the city. That’s exactly why we’ve come up with a shortlist of events you can take part in this fall in Valencia.


Live Music

Going to live music events is definitely something we are all missing! Although many concerts have been rescheduled for 2021, the Valencia Marina is still hosting live music each week. Every Saturday the Pèrgola, located on the north side of the Marina, is holding open air concerts for anyone who wants to attend. Not to mention it’s free entry! Social distancing and safety standards are maintained but even if you don’t want to get too close to the stage, you can simply enjoy the music from afar. More details on bands, artists, times and dates right here.



Valencia is not all city streets and long beaches. In fact the Valencia region is full of awesome nature routes and trails in the surrounding mountains. Fall is a great time to make the most of the Valencia nature as the cool breeze and sunny skies make for a very pleasant day out.

You can explore some of the “Green Routes” which can be found inland from Valencia city. Here’s a list of some of the most well known routes you may want to check out. There’s the“Ruta del Agua” in Chelva, the “Ruta del Acueducto de Peña Cortada” in Calles, the “Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes” in Chulilla, and the “Ruta de los Chorradores” in Navarrés.

Another nature route that is available just north of Valencia in El Puig involves a scenic route with many activities for all the family! More details on this free family event right here.


Palau de la Música

Yet another plan for music lovers! At Palau de la Música in Valencia you can find some of the most spectacular concerts and performances from a range of artists, bands and orchestras. It is a truly wonderful location and can provide some special entertainment for any celebrations you have going on this fall. These events need to be booked in advance so check out the program of events and more details at this link.


Mercado de Tapineria

There are many restaurants and bars in Valencia for food lovers and fortunately, many are open and back to full capacity after the quarantine. The Mercado de Tapineria is an awesome place to try delicious local food as well as a place to take part in local events. It is renowned for its diverse food stands and cultural activities.

On the third week of every month, the Tapineria hosts “El Fabuloso Antique Market”. From the name you can guess it’s an event where you can find antiques, collector’s items, vintage furniture and more, while enjoying some live music too! What’s more, from October 22nd – October 25th, the Mercado de Tapineria will be hosting another event called “Les Tendetes” where everybody can enjoy local shopping at unbeatable prices. Get down there and check it out, more info here.


Valencia Travel Discounts

If you would like to plan a trip this fall in Valencia or even wait til 2021, there is a special voucher available right now to be used across the Valencia region for your upcoming trips. It offers major discounts and even grants up to 70% off certain excursions, accommodation and get aways! To find out more about this exclusive travel voucher, follow this link.


We wish you a very happy fall season in Valencia! For more information on Valencia, its events and local holidays, follow our ICV Blog


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