Explore Valencia: Xàtiva

It’s safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has made us appreciate our surroundings more!

With travel restrictions and curfews, many of us have had to find joy and entertainment in our own towns, cities and regions. Luckily the Valencia region isn’t short of options! Here we introduce you to a beautiful town south of Valencia city called Xàtiva. 


Take a Trip to Xàtiva

This charming town is located south of the city of Valencia taking less than an hour by car or train. It is certainly one of the most beautiful villages across the Valencia region. The main attraction is the stunning Xàtiva castle which offers amazing views! The town itself is small and quaint, with traditional shops and restaurants. It’s a must visit if you’re spending a while in Valencia.


A Bit of History

Historically, Xàtiva was one of the most important parts of the Valencia kingdom between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. The main attraction is the stunning castle which displays remains from the Roman, Gothic and Islamic periods – not to mention an incredible view from its mountain top position!

The people of Xàtiva are known as socarrats (in the Valencian language). This literally means burnt! The reason behind this is that King Fernando V once ordered his army to set fire to the village in 1707 as part of the Batalla de Almansa. Fun fact: a portrait of King Fernando V now hangs upside down in the Valencia History Museum!


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