Creating a Healthy Work Balance

It is becoming increasingly normal for office workers to suffer from health problems. Obesity, high blood pressure, and joint or back pain seem to be commonplace issues for those working in sedentary, seated jobs nowadays.

Good practices and healthier routines can be big game changers for personal health in today’s society! Ultimately, putting in place healthier practices will have a positive effect on your work productivity too.

Here’s some of our top tips for creating, and maintaining, a healthy work balance. 


Consciously move

It’s true that a large percentage of society are spending most of their waking day seated at a computer, sitting in meetings or sitting in the car / on public transport to and from the office. An average person sits more than 9 hours per day! Of course, this has huge effects on health and decreases our body’s ability to burn every day fat. It also increases the amount of pressure put on the spine, which can lead to further back problems.

The solution is simple; consciously move every day. It doesn’t have to be a large distance but it should be a regular action. After each hour get up and run an errand, or talk to a colleague, or use your time standing / walking / taking the stairs. Use your lunch breaks to be mobile, going for a short walk could be an idea!  Even if these things aren’t possible, you could try an ergonomic chair to maintain optimal posture and support your spine throughout the day.


Standing & Stretching

Standing desks are a great option and can greatly reduce problems caused by long sitting sessions. Another healthy practice is stretching. Yoga, pilates and general stretching routines can make a big difference in how you feel and will help to loosen the stiffness of your muscles from sitting too much. Learn some basic neck, shoulder and back stretches – and try them before, during and after the working day!


Prepare your own food

The easiest way to keep up your healthy diet is to bring your own food! Planning ahead means your mind doesn’t tend to wander to what you could eat, so you can stick to your healthy eating plan. Fast food options are everywhere, but if yu make your own food, it is also fast but you also know exactly what’s in it! Balancing lunches with veggies, slow-release carbs and proteins will create a healthy food balance.


Stay hydrated

Sounds simple but the truth is we often forget to keep hydrated. It is really important to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. This will not only help physically but mentally, it can keep your mind more agile. Try to avoid soda or other soft drinks because the extra sugar in these drinks could cause spikes in energy, meaning you may suffer dips in energy during the day. It’s crucial for your metabolism and so remember to keep your water bottle close by!


Work out routine

Last but by no means least, establish your exercise routine. Number one is to choose something you like to do. Can be a team sport, individual exercise or fitness classes. Whatever you choose, keep it regular and choose a time of the day that is possible for you to do it in! Some people are morning people and like to work out before the day begins, while others much prefer to wait til later. Once you have your activity and your time frame established, stick to your work outs and set some goals, so you are motivated to keep it up! Having a consistent workout routine is the perfect balance for your work and personal life.


Extra information on work tips and advice can be found in our Blog.

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