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At International Coworking Valencia we enjoy welcoming all forms of coworking and remote working. Currently, we’ve got individual coworkers and groups of coworkers at our center. We caught up with one of our coworking groups who work for a digital design company in the city. We asked them all about coworking with their colleagues and what it has been like during the pandemic. Here’s what they had to say!


1. Why did you and your colleagues decide to join a coworking space?

We decided to join a coworking space because we needed a small private office for some of our employees. Our digital design school now requires more space for our students and teachers (social distancing!). That’s why we had to relocate some of our employees to a separate but nearby office. We liked International Coworking Valencia firstly for its central location and also because it had a small private room to offer us at a good rate.


2. How long have you been at International Coworking Valencia (ICV)?

We have been working here since last summer (June 2020) and so far it is a great fit for us.

3. Has it been successful towards your company’s objectives so far?

Until now we are happy with the extra space for our employees. They have more room to work and a more relaxed environment to work hard on our objectives. We also appreciate the flexible office hours because some of our employees prefer to work later in the day, so the 24 hour office is perfect for us.

4. What are the main benefits of working at ICV?

For us the main benefits are the meeting rooms, the private office for our staff, the friendliness of the staff at ICV, the air conditioning, and the fantastic location.


5. How would you describe the coworking community here?

It is very pleasant. It is a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time it’s professional too.


6. What has coworking been like during the pandemic?

It has been fine for us. We have a separate office than the other coworkers so we only see each other. International Coworking Valencia has different rules for everyone to follow and so the space is always clean and it feels safe to work here.


7. Would you recommend ICV to other groups of coworkers?

Absolutely. For small groups of colleagues it is a great place to go to work every day.



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