A Coworker’s Experience at International Coworking Valencia

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This week we took the time to speak with one of our coworkers to hear about their experience here at International Coworking Valencia. Read below to see his responses to our questions and find out what it’s like to work here!

Background Info:

Name: Yan
Nationality: French
Company/ Type of Work: Yan has his own start-up company, one part is a web agency, and the other is a new search engine for freelance workers.


Interview Questions:

1. How long have you been working at International Coworking Valencia?

For about 5 months.

2. What are the top benefits of this coworking office/location?

Yan said that a few of the benefits of International Coworking Valencia include:

  • the location — being right in the center of the city, it can’t get much better!
  • the chance to meet other coworkers and be around people
  • the balance of the work environment — it’s quiet enough to focus on work, but also there are areas to talk to people from time to time
  • the rooftop terrace

3. What do you like most about the workspace?

Yan mentioned the windows and natural light create a great workspace, which makes an overall difference to productivity and mood. He also really loves the rooftop terrace!


4. Why do you prefer working in a coworking office instead of working from home?

After having worked from home for a year, Yan believes that coming to a coworking office is much better in that it gives you a daily routine and allows you to meet other people. It creates a space to be in a like-minded environment and boosts productivity.


5. How does this Coworking office compare to others you have used, either in other cities or in Valencia?

Yan explored many coworking spaces in Valencia before choosing to work from International Coworking Valencia. He explained that he chose this office for many reasons such as location, bright work space, etc. (as mentioned above), but that he felt the unique difference from other coworking offices was the owners and staff who are very caring, helpful, and try to give everyone the best experience possible.

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