New Covid-19 Regulations in Valencia

As of today new Covid-19 measures have been introduced by the local government here in Valencia. These new rules are bringing back stricter regulations and closures across the region, making Valencia the most restrictive it has been since the national lockdown in March through May, 2020.

Here’s an overview of the latest regulations to make things a bit clearer!

No Lockdown

The region of Valencia is one of the most advanced regions in Europe concerning delivery of the vaccine to its community. With the population growing in immunity, the government are reluctant to set another lockdown with things looking brighter in this respect. Local and national governments are dismissing the need for another lockdown right now and instead are implying the following measures:

Closing Bars and Restaurants

This is the most unpopular measure taken by the government and will see protests going on, as a result of it, over the following days. Since the beginning of the new year, bars and restaurants had to close by 5:00pm. However, under the new rules,  this sector is being obliged to close its doors until the end of January as a minimum. Only bars and restaurants offering take away and delivery services can remain active.

Reduced Retail Hours

In order to avoid crowds, non-essential establishments like local shops and shopping malls are now obliged to close by 6:00pm. With this new restriction in place the government is hoping to avoid unnecessary spreading of the virus right now via in person shopping. However, essential establishments like supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open and fully operational as usual.

Work offices and local business establishments are not affected by this measure either and so International Coworking will remain open and our services will continue to operate under the same protocols we have been following since our reopening last Summer.

Limited Sports

Sports centers like gyms, dance schools, football clubs and swimming pools are closed  until January 31st. All sports competitions have also been suspended until then, with only professional sportsmen and sportswomen being allowed to keep training in their facilities. For amateur runners, there’s no ban at the moment. A maximum of 6 people can still run or do exercise in a group but the recommendation is not to mix households and only run/exercise with your co-habitants.


The curfew stays at 10:00pm for the entire Valencian Community but there’s been a proposal put forward to make the curfew even earlier at 8:00pm. This is waiting approval by the national government. The next few days will be key to whether or not the State of Alarm Decree allows the regions themselves to extend their curfew times.

Mobility Restrictions

The region of Valencia’s borders are still closed. People cannot leave nor visit the region without official consent. Residents, workers and students can move from one region to another without any problem if they have a document that proves the reason for their trip. Plus, the active lockdown of the 29 confined villages in Valencia has officially finished today and so the population of these areas are able to return to their ‘normal’ lives.

Stay tuned for more updates and news regarding the pandemic and life in Valencia. 

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