Best Things About Springtime in Valencia

Valencia is known for its hot summers and mild winters, however spring is arguably the best season of all! On March 21st we say goodbye to winter and hello to the springtime. It’s a season that feels fresh and comfortable in the city while you get to enjoy the beautiful blossom all around. Here are our best things about springtime in Valencia. 




Spring is possibly the best time to visit Valencia. We get around 300 sunny days per year in Valencia, yet spring is the time with the softest temperatures. It’s the perfect season to enjoy the sunny days without needing to wear a winter coat or, without sweating all day because of the hot temperatures! Day trips, long car rides to distant towns, hiking in the mountains or even trips to the beach are awesome in springtime thanks to the cool and fresh Valencia weather.



As you know, springtime is full of blooming and in Valencia there are several urban parks and green areas where you can enjoy nature. Jardín del Túria, Parc Central, Jardines del Real, Parque de Cabecera or the amazing Jardines de Monforte are some of our top locations for you to go out and enjoy this season!

The orange blossom is also beautiful to see and smell in the spring! It has an amazing aroma and the orange blossom is all around the city in March and April time. In fact, this coastline is called the Costa de Azahar! Azahar is the name of the small white flower that blooms on the orange trees, so it is literally known as the orange blossom coast!



If you are one of those brave souls who likes swimming in cold water, spring is the perfect time for you to visit the beach. Local swimmers and water sports enthusiasts love the springtime and you’ll see the Mediterranean come to life again through the various water sports!

There are not many tourists on the beach during these next few months, and locals typically don’t get in the sea just yet either. We prefer to have a walk along the “Paseo Marítimo” and the “Marina de Valencia”. Whatever you choose, the Valencia coastline is spectacular during springtime. 



Valencia loves to celebrate Easter. One of the traditional activities for Easter in Valencia is to eat the mona with your friends and relatives. It’s a sweet cake served with a boiled egg or a chocolate egg in the middle. People usually go to nature reserves or parks to enjoy a picnic and mona, but this year, that will depend on the sanitary situation. If there are mobility restrictions, going to one of the green areas mentioned above is also a good option. What’s more, during springtime you can see families flying colored kites on the beach or in the parks with their children, another typical pastime. 


Semana Santa Marinera

Unfortunately this year there won’t be any Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations in Spain. The most well-known of these around the world is the Semana Santa de Sevilla, but the Semana Santa Marinera celebrated in Valencia has its own charm too!

More than 30 brotherhoods dress in their traditional costumes, alongside religious leaders, and they hold processions through the district of “El Cabanyal”. It is a timeless tradition that is very significant at this time of year. Although the processions will not take place in 2021, you are still able to visit the Semana Santa Marinera museum in Valencia and view their Easter exhibitions.  


So there you have it. That’s what’s in store in the “Capital del Túria” over the following months. Stay tuned for more on Valencia, events in the city, and the latest regional updates on Covid-19 via our ICV Blog. 

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