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As most of you know, International Coworking Valencia is located in the city center of Valencia. This makes us a very easy place to access and convenient for almost everyone. It’s great to be able to say you work in one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city but as with most big cities, the popular areas are also the expensive ones! That’s why we’ve come up with a list of some of the best local services surrounding our ICV office – that are affordable, convenient, and of course, offer a great service.


Our Location

Located on Calle Colón at  number 18, ICV offers the perfect location for all traveling professionals living in and around the city. Valencia is not a huge city so commuting to the center is fairly easy and most of the main neighborhoods are in walking distance!

A city center location means an abundance of coffee shops, take away food, lunch menus, restaurants, retail stores, and transport networks. It is the best connected area in the city in terms of public transport, with two prime metro stops on our street!

We are 2 minutes walk from the main square; the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. We are a short walk from major monuments such as the Catedral de Valencia and we are just a 1 minute walk from the Plaza de Toros and the Valencia Nord train station.


Transport Services

If taking the bus is the best option for you, there are 12 bus stops covering more than 20 different city lines in less than 5 minutes walk from our office.

If the metro is your preferred network, we’ve got two of the main central stations on our street; Xàtiva and Colón. We are almost slap bang in the middle of them so you can get off at either one. These two stations offer four different metro lines between them. Fun fact: the new metro line that is expected to be ready at the end of 2022 will go directly to the City of Arts and Sciences.

If you prefer to come by bike and avoid crowds, our location is perfect too. With 160km of bike lanes, Valencia is ranked in the Top 2 for bike-friendly cities across all of Spain. The best thing is, the bike path runs directly in front of our office entrance- talk about convenient.

There are several bike posts on our street for you to lock up your bike and we even have a public bike station in front of our office too, if you are thinking of using the public bike service; Valenbisi.


A Bite to Eat

In terms of snacks and meals, there are a few really good options close to ICV. Of course, as a central location there are some very nice restaurants; Piur and Turqueta are great. However, you may not have enough time to enjoy a restaurant and that’s okay because there are many take away services, cafés, and chains nearby also. 

Here are a few of our favorites that are close to the office and affordable too:

Firsty, if you like sushi, Kento is your best option. It’s a start up that has had a lot of success in a very short time!

If you’re looking for healthy food, try ordering at BeGreen Salad or Aloha Poké. Two great options with lots of variety!

If you’d rather try traditional food then La Miga or La Cuina are ideal for you.  They are two small bars that serve take away meals as well as offering some seating if you prefer to eat in.

For a small coffee break, there a bunch of cafés to choose from. We like Noa and Cafeteria Bahía. Plus Granier is conveniently located between us and the train station and is super cheap too. 


We hope these recommendations help you out if you’re passing through Valencia or sticking around as a coworker for a while. More details on our ICV in building services right here.

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