Are You Keeping Up With The Working World?

With the evolution of smart technology and wireless mobility, the working world is evolving very quickly! Research has shown that remote work is steadily on the rise and nowadays it’s all too common to go to a major city, look for a Coworking space, and find many entrepreneurs or business professionals working while they travel.

This has a huge impact on cities because it means that economic activity is no longer tied to one specific place. Employees of both small and large companies can take their work on the road, therefore making it increasingly necessary for cities to keep up and be aware of this change!

Cities can make the most of the Coworking craze by renting out spaces in centrally located areas that are highly accessible via public transport connections. Bringing more business professionals to the city can create greater networking and higher revenue for the city as a whole.

As well as the benefits to major cities themselves, employers and employees can gain a lot from the evolution of the working world.

If you are the director of your own company or you are looking to start up your own business and find some premises, then the new way of working may suit you much better. For a start, you can make huge savings on rent – opting for smaller headquarters and allowing your employees to benefit from a more culturally attractive working lifestyle at the same time.

If you are looking to market your company globally, directing your employees to work and travel could make the most of their time, while you make the most of the new technology at your disposal and the potential networking opportunities. Communication via phone calls and instant messaging is replacing physical interaction and communication in the traditional office setting.
As an employee, there are massive benefits to be gained from keeping up with the industry evolution:


For one thing, you won’t feel so tied down by a fixed timetable and location. As a traveling business professional, you can work from new locations throughout the year, and adapt your timetable to fit in around your lifestyle.


Coworking can be an awesome opportunity to discover different cultures and countries. On a personal level, this can help you to grow and open your mind. On a business level, you can get to know the culture you potentially want to market to, and network while you’re there.


During your travels you’ll be able to meet many like-minded business men and women from different backgrounds. This can help you to share ideas, learn, improve your own business strategies and potentially collaborate with other businesses on an international level.

To find out more about Coworking in the city center of Valencia, take a look at our website.

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