5 Top Tips for Effective Time Management

Working remotely and choosing the digital nomad lifestyle comes with huge personal benefits if you are looking for a more flexible lifestyle, time for your family or the chance to travel. Of course, it also cuts the time it takes to commute to the office and the costs of office rentals too. However it can come with its challenges too, especially if you are someone who finds it hard to stay focused and stick to deadlines. In this case, having efficient time management skills can really make a big difference!

Here are our top 5 top tips on how to succeed when it comes to managing your time as a remote worker.

1. Set goals

It sounds simple but goal setting is crucial to any good time management strategy. To make sure you’re engaging in activities that support your business goals, both short and long term objectives are necessary. Having a long term plan can give you something to aim for, but don’t forget the short term goals, monthly and weekly, that will help you reach the big goals.  A timeline can keep you organized and on target to reach success, and help you to feel productive at the end of the working day!


2. Plan and Prioritize

Plan your day ahead. Of course, you want to make sure you’re getting things done, but they should be the right things, that will help you get closer to the end goal. Creating To-Do-Lists is very useful. Also, writing down your three or four “most important and urgent” tasks that must be addressed today. As you complete each one, check it off your list. This will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and can motivate you to move down the list, so you can also tackle less essential items in a timely fashion.


3. Eliminate distractions

If you work from home, start paying attention to the number of times someone interrupts you when you’re in the midst of an important task. Track self-induced interruptions, too, particularly those of the social media variety! Consider working from a location different than your home, so it still gives you a reason to dress up for work and stay focused for the time you spend in your «office». Research cafés where remote workers gather or consider joining a coworking space in Valencia . It is a great way to network and to have the comfort of chatting with other people from time to time during your work day.


4. Track Your Time

This feels like second nature to many of us already, especially if you’ve worked in a business that bills by the hour. Tracking your time not only makes it easy to invoice clients, but also gives you measurable data you can look back on later. You’ll see trends about how you work and how long you’re spending on your daily tasks, so you more accurately plan each day moving forward.


5. Take time for yourself

This tip is often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of working remotely.  However, taking care of yourself, i.e. getting plenty of sleep and exercise, is critical to thriving as a remote worker and still enjoying it. After all, it can’t be work all day and all night. You need time out in order to clear your mind, enjoy hobbies and then get back to the office!


If you wish to consider working from a coworking space in Valencia or reviewing our advice on how to succeed as a digital nomad in Valencia and still enjoy it, here you can find more useful tips.

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