5 Things To Do Before Working Abroad

Working abroad is an adventure and will definitely add a new element to your daily work routine! Before leaving to a foreign country and looking for a coworking space in a new area, you should definitely get organized and pack the most important things. Here’s a list of 5 things we recommend you do before working abroad. 

Organize your travel documents

Depending on the country where you’ll be traveling to, you’ll need certain documents to be able to cross the borders. That includes your I.D., health insurance, your passport (with enough time left on it) and visa or immigration paperwork. Remember that it could take a while to process and so apply for these documents in advance!


Research your destination

Before arriving to your destination, you should do a little research on your new city. Take a look at the best areas, the best things to do, areas to avoid, best transport options etc.  If you have a hobby, you should look for ways to do this in your new country too, so you can feel more at home!
What’s more, if you plan to work from a coworking space and share the office with other coworkers you can take a look for the best coworking spaces in your city.


Pack up the right things

You will have to stuff all the things you need into one or two pieces of luggage! So, it’s essential to choose wisely what you’ll need and what you won’t need. Besides basic things like clothes or cosmetics, you will also need your laptop, chargers, adapters if the plug sockets are different in your new country, and it’s also worth taking a camera, a journal and a pocket dictionary too!


Have reserves!

No matter where you are traveling to, you have to be prepared for the costs! Especially at the beginning, your expenses will probably be higher as you make big down payments on accommodation deposit, rental fees and other personal purchases. Don’t forget, you may want to buy keepsakes in your new country too, so budget for the extra costs!


Start building a network

Pre-arrange meet ups and try to connect with other expats in your new destination even before you arrive there. Search on social media and join some of the groups whether on Facebook or through the application Meet up. It is always nice to have the opportunity to meet new people who can show you around.



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