10 Ways to Stay On Task

Working from home right now can be tough and full of distractions. It is great in the sense that you get to avoid your daily commute and you don’t have to get dressed up in the morning, but sometimes productivity can suffer. Here we’ve devised a list of 10 tips to make you more productive when working from home.


Have a good morning routine

First things first, it’s important to start the day fresh and establish a good morning routine! Feeling energetic and motivated at the start of the day can be hard, so that’s why a routine will help you to get going. Try to manage a consistent sleeping routine, start the day with a healthy breakfast, meditate/ clear your mind, take a shower and get prepared… making you feel much more ready to attempt your work tasks!


Take regular breaks

Working at home instead of the office can make it difficult to establish breaks. But it’s important to take regular breaks between your working sessions, staying fresh is crucial to being able to work efficiently. Make a coffee, walk around the house or building, do something to relax your mind and this will give the mind the rest it needs.


Work in short bursts 

Just as previously said, you need breaks between sessions and those sessions should not be too long either. The human brain cannot work for extended periods of time so set your working sessions around 2 hours to maximize your performance and efficiency. 



Although we all know it, we don’t put it into practice as much as we should. Organization is key to productivity. It avoids wasting time on finding information you could already have filed away and have ready to access. If you are working from home, this becomes even more essential and so, create your work space and organize your files, ready to go!


Schedule & prioritize

This goes for any environment or field of work. Scheduling tasks and projects, in order of importance, is key. Setting personal deadlines can help you to stay on task and make sure you reach your objectives each day / week.  Prioritizing those tasks that need to be done more urgently than others avoids procrastinating and getting weighed down by other less essential matters.


Clean space

Your work environment matters! Try to remove as many distractions as possible, so you can stay focused during your working sessions. Things like setting your mobile phone off to the side, limiting external noises and moving away from the TV / other technologies not necessary for work, in order to keep your space clean and work-friendly!



Again, this is one we all know but sometimes push to the bottom of the list. Even though we are at home right now, exercise is fundamental. It makes the blood flow, improves circulation and makes you feel more alert during the day. Starting your day with 30 minutes of exercise is enough to keep your body active, and will do wonders for your work productivity.


Track your progress

Try to see how much time you are spending on each task and how much time you have utilized efficiently to track your working progress. Having a plan and knowing what you have done on that plan are both crucial for planning future tasks and setting aims.


Ask for help

Even though we are at home, we can still contact others through multiple platforms. If you ever have doubts or any difficulties which you would normally solve by consulting a colleague, then this is still okay. Sometimes, asking for help can keep you on task and solve your problem much better than tackling it alone.


Reward yourself

Once you have finished all of your tasks, rewarding yourself with something can help you to stay motivated and can bring that drive to make you finish your daily tasks more efficiently. It could be your favorite food or drink, to buy something online, to do some exercise, or to watch your favorite series. Whatever it may be, if you stick to the first 9 tips, you are sure to deserve it!

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